Sunday, July 3, 2011


Whoever controls the language controls the culture. Watch how they put new words on you and make you re-define language. They call women soldier-etts heroes not heroines. They call those who bring you your food servers not waitresses. It's waiters and waitresses. Server is a neutral word. Cock pit has been changed to Flight deck. Webster's says Cock Pit is "the enclosed space at the front of the airplane with the instruments and where the pilot sits." All such changes are to placate the women.

More and more conservative talk-show hosts speak about the "Brave men and women" who fight for their country. The women are not supposed to be on the front lines. Someone is fooling us! I thought the women were kept from combat! I don't want a little girl, a mother or a wife, who has only 50% of the strength of a man fighting for me! Men are to fight for the women!

If you are a younger Christian you have fallen into the trap—you have been brainwashed. You need to get the objective book "Co-Ed Combat" by Kingsley Browne. You'll get an eye full. I will not let the culture rule me! You can—but not me!

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)