Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Letter of Thanks

Dear Dr. Couch,
I received the 3 books you sent me about 2 weeks ago. Just last night I finished reading through, "For the Cause of Zion".

This book sums up what is going on in the Middle East and Israel in particular and you have confirmed all my observations that we are indeed coming in the last days. I had the conviction the Rapture may just be in our time because of all the events you mentioned. I am really thankful for you.

 At the moment I'm reading through your book "The Biblical Theology of the Church". I knew there was something wrong with the nomination of leaders/elders in our church and my convictions all along were right when I read your book about this matter. I was recently elected as one of the elders (a week ago). As far as the biblical qualification is concerned I'm qualified. It just dawns on me that the way the church is electing elders is just really not biblical. In the first six months that I've been in this church I have had the impression actually that they are in apostasy. I only stayed in this church because they are carefully listening to my Bible studies and Sunday schools.

 By the coming July of this year we will go through the book of Revelation in our Bible studies, I was the first to raised my hand for this choice, I felt it's a timely study. I saw your commentary on this book in our local Bible bookstore but it's quite a fortune compared with the price in the US. I think in Australia we don't have the comfort of buying good books like yours at an affordable price. I can see too many rubbish books in our local Bible bookstore here.

 I wish to thank you very much again for the 3 books you sent me, I know it will help me a lot particularly regarding ecclesiology.

Actually your website is helping me a lot especially your "Ask Dr. Couch" portion, it's short but precise and straight to the point.

May our Lord continue to bless your ministry in the middle of the apostate world and churches may your light shine and be a blessing.
Yours in the Lord service,
A. B. (Australia)

Friday, May 29, 2009


President Barack Hussein Obama has by executive order cut Christian programs from the nationally sponsored PBS network. There was no explanation given and there were no objections from Congress or even from the public. In fact there are very few people who even know about this action! There is nothing that can be done. This is part of his plan to carry out the idea that this is no longer a Christian nation and such programming should not be aired. The apostasy is coming quickly! We are rapidly losing our freedoms and the blessings that have sustained this nation for so long!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Can you guess what world leader we're talking about? He came to power during a worldwide crisis. He always made sure there were a lot of national flags in the background when he spoke. He was recognized as a gifted orator. He moved the people by emotion and not by playing on their critical thinking skills. In fact, he counted on them to stop thinking and be moved by their feelings rather than by rationality.

   In the crisis he worked to take away the people's democratic decision making abilities. He took over the unions and made them think they had a place in government. He nationalized big business. He made the population think that their problems were actually started by the previous government authorities. He made most of the decisions for the people and bypassed them and their elected assembly. He turned the nation into a welfare state. He put into place a billion public works projects. He spent the nation out of the world depression. Thus, all freedoms were removed!

   Your choice: (1) Adolf Hitler, or (2) Barack Hussein Obama?

   History indicates both!

   Know your history so you can make rational decisions.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Liberty University closed down the Democratic Party Club on campus saying that the party does not stand for the moral principles of the school. Thank God, and praise the Lord! But be prepared—here comes the ACLU who will make a big ruckus and try to sue the school. The liberals could get away with this but the conservatives will be jumped on.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


From an older pastor who works with young ministers:

"Dr. Couch, your books have been such a blessing especially to the younger pastors. I do rejoice that they provide a real help in getting them orientated and acquainted with the Word of God."

"I am finding more and more young men who appreciate us old grandpas! Second, I am finding lay people who are so sick of fluff that when I tell them of men and churches that I know are blessing others, they regularly respond with 'I didn't know that there were such who used the Bible so often in their preaching.'"

"Thank you again for your help!"

PS: To all young ministers of the gospel, if you will send me your address, we'll fire off a couple of my books at no charge for your library!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mrs. Hillary Clinton told the House Foreign Affairs Committee the truth! She is pro-Margaret Sanger, the most flaming abortionist of the past century. Sanger is responsible for the abortion movement in America and many other parts of the world. She was responsible for the organization called Reproductive Health. The name was later changed to something more positive, Planned Parenthood!

Clinton told conservative Pro-Life Congressman Chris Smith "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision. I am really in awe of her." Clinton then admitted that the expression reproductive health is a euphemism for abortion. "Reproductive health includes access to abortion that I believe should be safe, legal, and rare." (At least she added "rare.") She added that abortion should be on demand. Under Barack Hussein Obama, abortion will now be paid for worldwide by the U.S. Clinton and Obama are at work for you! There is no stopping the flood of evil now drowning our world! By the way, in the state of Israel, more children have been murdered by abortion then those who were killed in Europe during the World War II holocaust! The Jews have taken on the sins of the Gentiles! – Dr. Mal Couch

Friday, May 15, 2009


No one would want to argue that the Victorian era was perfect. But from it came many wonderful qualities that lasted for decades and touched the entire civilized world. We got from those days: duty, loyalty, morality, honor, and a sense of the wonderment of God. From that same period we got Darwinian evolution. So it would be impossible to say that all was perfect.

   Below is an analysis from Walter Hall in his book A History of England and the British Empire.

   "During the long and wonderful reign of the good queen, a little island set the pace for all mankind in industry, in law, in elevating the character and the dignity of the poor, in the advance of true science, in spreading the gospel and Christianity and Parliamentary institutions in all parts of the earth. Distant lands were peopled with Anglo-Saxons, and the dread of war grew less. If one compares representative Victorians with famous Britons of earlier or later times, it is difficult to find in any age in English history a similar galaxy of distinguished men; and in view of their accomplishments not only in economic achievement but also in literature and science, in political and social morality, one must give highest rank to the Victorians."

   From Wales, Scotland, and England, went hundreds if not thousands of medical missionaries and evangelists, especially to Africa and India. To these dark places on earth went the gospel, civilization, law, industry, medicine, railroads, and roads. Many in those countries now are unappreciative, they blast the Victorian era as oppressive; they label this period the colonial period, not counting the blessings that came forth from England to help their people. Again, the Victorian age was not perfect but it did overall spread the truth of the Word of God, and light, to those who sat in darkened paganism! It is important to know history in order to understand where we are today. – Dr. Mal Couch

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It amazes me what Christians do not see! There's a biiiiiggg church in the DFW Metroplex area that is clearly into The Emerging (Evolving) Church movement. While all is not heresy YET, there is no question that this is the direction the church will go in time. In their slick publication, there are catch-words that should give clues as to what is happening.

First, the gospel is not mentioned anywhere in the brochure they pass out each Sunday, though it says one time "How you can become a Christian." The semi-charismatic expression "empowerment" is used six times and "encounter" is used three times. The implication is that you have to come to that church in order to "encounter" the Lord and be "empowered" by Him. But what if you don't attend that congregation? You have to also come to that church to be "touched by His presence." When you come, come "expecting God to do something" in your life! When you leave you will be "empowered" to do God's work in your life! I guess you're out of luck if you don't attend there! "Fun and games" is the order of the day in their activities. They say in "our classes there is so much fun" for your children.

For adult singles there is the "Luau" night. They urge you to "Grab your hula skirts and put on your Hawaiian shirts in order to celebrate the beginning of summer." (Sounds rather pagan to me!) There is a prayer focus session so that you can receive "from us our Prayer Tools" in our class. There "we experience the powerful presence of God."

There is the Wacky Week "for the adventure of a lifetime." (The adventure of a whole lifetime? Wow!) Kids can come and join the "Castle of King Jesus." Then there is coming up in October the "Caribbean Cruse" for singles with "fun and relaxing time snorkeling, diving, golfing, river rafting, swimming with stingrays, relaxing on sandy beaches, exploring coral reefs and shopping."

We're not sure what this means but there is "Thrive '09" which features "The Crazy Cycle, the Energizing Cycle and the Rewarded Cycle." Whatever, I'm sure it involves more fun and games!

There is nothing about learning biblical doctrine. Nor is there a warning as to what is coming against believers in a spiritually dying America. There is no hint of the teaching about the return of Christ, the hope of the rapture of the church, or the coming reign of Christ at the end of history. If I am a betting man I would probably guess that they would say such specific truths are too divisive and not understood by the average Christian.

From the fleshly standpoint the size of the church would make the average non-discerning pastor become envious and jealous. But if all of this is measured by what the Word of God requires pastors to do in teaching the flock, what they advertise with Madison Avenue flare, should repel those who are grieving at seeing the death of the church!

Fun and games do indeed bring in numbers. But we're not called to build numbers, we are to teach God's Word in order that the sheep may grow. Though they would not say it openly, the staff would probably argue, "We'll use any method in order to get folks into the church!" But the Scriptures would say the opposite.

Don't let your flesh be tempted. This church is prospering in a physical sense but not in a spiritual sense! – Dr. Mal Couch

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As we near the full-blown apostasy, and arrive at the threshold of the seven-year tribulation, "evil men will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived" (2 Tim. 3:13). And as well, they will "not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own lusts, and will turn away from the truth, and will turn aside to lies" (4:3-4).

   A friend just reported attending a big mega-church in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area where entertainment rules the morning services. The music was 7-11 with six music leaders up front, waving, weaving, weeping, wobbling, and wailing, and squinting the eyes like they have some back pain! It was filled with young people with flip flops on and ragged blue jeans. Few Bibles, no exegesis of the text, no doctrinal explanation, just emotion!

   This is what Paul was talking about when he warned the church at Thessalonica not to go to sleep. "So then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober" (1 Thess. 5:6). In my opinion it is too late. The church is already snoring! – Dr. Mal Couch

Monday, May 11, 2009


President Barack Hussein Obama has cut the federal funding for arresting and sending back to Mexico illegal strangers who are criminals. Many senators are terribly upset but have no recourse to do anything about it. As with so many policies and changes taking place, there is no explanation for what is being done. Many senators say that the only thing that can be done is to release these illegal criminals back out on the streets of America to put the average citizen in danger!

   This is not simply a political issue but a spiritual one. In other words, evil is being perpetrated on us and there is no recourse.

   But we cannot just blame the administration for all of our ills. It was reported today that many, many citizens did not pay their taxes this past April. The government revenue is down by 30%, something like two trillion dollars not coming in to the treasury. We are in deep trouble. Are you saving, and do you have some kind of backup for taking care of your family if things really go south in this nation?

   Winston Churchill said liberalism is "like feeding the alligator first, hoping he will only eat you last."

Sunday, May 10, 2009


USA Today has reported that main stream Christian churches and denominations are shrinking in numbers like a prune. Several years back I told you we were galloping into the Apostasy of the church. Paul said that in the end times there would be "a form of godliness, although they would deny its power" (2 Tim. 3:4). And that just before the rapture of the church, and just at the beginning of the seven year tribulation, men would perish "because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved" (2 Thess. 2:10).

   We are there! The final Apostasy has started!

   The report goes on and says "Almost All Denominations Losing Ground!" Since 1990 "faith is shifting, drifting or vanishing outright!" "People are either freelancing religiously or dropping their faith entirely—perhaps partially due to the increasing spread of secularism." Secularism is another word for "humanism". Our wisdom has replaced God's ways! Today 15% of Americans do not claim any faith or belief—almost double the 8% in 1990. This is a rejection not of just Christendom but of all religions.

   Since Christianity is based on the Bible, and there is less and less teaching of doctrine from the pulpit, this is no wonder. This is what I've been saying all along. Many pastors, including some reading this, have gone the fun and game route and are now give mini-sermons, devotionals, musical entertainment, shorter messages, etc.

   Most pastors reading this have had few or no doctrinal seminary courses, no Hebrew or Greek, and if they did take such studies, they have parked this knowledge at the door of the sanctuary and don't tell the sheep what the Scriptures are really saying. They call the morning service the "worship hour" instead of the "teaching hour" with some worship.

   They have fallen into what people like: they like weaving, waving, weeping, closed eyes, and never mind what God says in His Word! How stupid! The Reformation and Puritan greats of the past would role over in their graves if they could see the sorry spectacles that go on in our churches today!

   May God judge those who have repudiated by their actions what God has said in His revelation! Judgment is coming upon the West, and upon America, and upon weak and impotent Christendom. It's all over. There is no turning back. – Dr. Mal Couch

Saturday, May 9, 2009


In the 1950s President Dwight Eisenhower sent back across the border some 13 million illegal foreigners to Mexico in order to make sure there were plenty of jobs for American citizens—who desperately need work following the Korean War. But too, he realized that this was just the right thing to do! It took two years to accomplish. No one in the nation objected because our citizens understood the moral and social problems this was causing.
  President Harry Truman did the same thing just after World War II. He returned some two million illegal strangers in order to create work for the returning veterans. This happened for the first time during the Great Depression of the early 1930s. President Herbert Hoover did the same thing. He "exported" ALL illegal aliens to make room for the American citizens who were disenfranchised from the work force. If we continue flooding our country with those of the Latin culture, over against Europeans, we are watering down the heritage that made this nation great. In fact, for over forty years our nation accepted and understood the need for a European quota of those coming to America.
  These were not prejudicial acts against minorities, but our citizens understood well the facts of history and what formed the background of the beginning of this nation. All individuals are equal before God but all cultures are not equal in morals or values. Again, historical fact is at play here, not prejudicial judgments and attitudes!

   By the way, in early May, President Barack Hussein Obama stopped construction on the border fence between the U.S. and Mexico. This shows his lack of understanding of history and of the social dynamics of where this is all going.
  To know history is the first sign of wisdom! To not know the past is to continue to do stupid things, and that is what is going on in our country.

   By the way, the statistical facts show that the old line: "Illegal law breaking foreigners take the jobs Americans won't take" is an outright lie that is repeated over and over again for political purposes." Surveys show that this is just not true. There is no nation on earth that would allow the violation of its borders, as is going on in America presently! It is being allowed for political reasons—in order to build up the Democratic Party in order to corner the market with large numbers of those who arrived illegally in this country. Everyone knows this is the reason for the silence in Washington about the issue!

   Remember, everything we do, whether it is personal, or national in character, is theological! As an individual, or as a country, all decisions are spiritual and theological in nature. If we do something dumb now, it will have moral or theological consequences down the road.

   Again, what is stated above is not prejudicial. It has to do with the facts of history. I have many minority friends. I accept them on the same Christian basis I want them to accept me. But it is cultural issues that are critical.
  Those who ignore the problems we are sowing for a future generation will someday realize their mistake! – Dr. Mal Couch

Thursday, May 7, 2009


And why? It's the state of North Dakota. This territory became a state in the 1880s. It was founded by Lutheran Norwegians. And even today, about 95% of the 650,000 citizens there are of Norwegian stock. They have the lowest crime rate in the country and the smallest population.

   These folks came to the Dakotas with a strong work ethic, with strong Lutheran Reformation attitudes and doctrinal clarity. They keep their land, keep the roads clean, are extremely friendly, and don't put up with those who want a handout and don't work! Crime is almost unknown and foolishness is not tolerated.

   Contrary to those who are pouring into America illegally, the Norwegians understand our European Reformation heritage. They know the history of this country whereas the illegal foreigners come with a Latin mentality that is completely foreign to the Northern European way of thinking.

   President Teddy Roosevelt fell in love with North Dakota and visited the state often. He made a profound statement that is applicable for us today. He said: "No one can appreciate the blessings of the present without knowing the history of the past." And our illegal foreigners have no clue what made this nation great. Those now coming in do not have the same work ethic, morality, or knowledge of how this nation began! There is no turning back. The judgment is now on us; we will not restore the blessings once given to us! Young Christian families need to consider seriously moving to that state in order to find protection and peace for their children. This is what the Puritans did. They left the immorality and sin of England and came to these shores. They were able to build strong biblical thrifty practices and morality that made America! – Dr. Mal Couch

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Many leaders in the Republican Party are now calling for a "wider tent" for the Party in order to include liberals who espouse same-sex marriage, abortion, and more socialism in order to please the larger general population. They also want the Party to become Mexican friendly in order to be on the side of those advocating open doors for illegal foreigners to have a free ride coming into this country. They are to have given them without challenge, free schooling and medical care, driver licenses, and other social free goodies. The new Republican voices want to get rid of the leadership of the "old guys" such as Carl Rowe who stand for common sense, wisdom, and experience. They want the younger crowd to be heard who have newer and fresher ideas!

   In other words, they want the Republican Party to be like the Democratic Party, liberal and immoral, on its social positions in America.

   This will probably work! Since the nation is becoming more immoral--to carry out these strategies will indeed probably make the Party more popular! To take a stand against morality, and hold a position for socialism, is the way of the world. By the way, to include the younger crowd means to turn toward liberalism. That's what the younger generation stands for! About 45% of those who claim to be born again Christians see no problem with same-sex marriage and abortion. Our liberal, socialistic state government schools have done a number on those coming up through the ranks. The younger crowd has been brainwashed to believe what they were taught in the classrooms!

   So, good bye Republican Party as we have known it. Hello raw liberalism. We are galloping into the apostasy and there will be no turning back! – Dr. Mal Couch

Monday, May 4, 2009


Was it Adolf Hitler? Or, Barack Hussein Obama? What about both?

Adolf Hitler used the most modern means to enlist popular support of the German people for his taking over the leadership of Germany. He was daily on German national radio. He used the modern airplane and often flew from city to city in one day, speaking to large orchestrated rallies to gain the following of the crowds. To make sure he would arrive on time, he had his own personal pilot, paid for by the government, whom he trusted with total confidence! He was seen as a charismatic speaker who had a great dynamic presentation. He could twist history and facts into knots and make the crowds believe whatever he said.

   Hitler created a cult of leadership. Rudolf Hess, one of his avid followers, said Hitler was the modern "German Messiah"! In subtle presentations, Hitler said he was going to "wash away the veneer of German Christianity and replace it with Norse Mythology"! School children pledged themselves every day in class to Hitler. They chanted: "For Hitler, we live and die."

   Hitler called the Germans the "Arian Race." He said the Germans were the pure race who had evolved through natural evolution from the Eastern Euro-Hindu people of Tibet. He was moving toward replacing the God of Scripture with the German god Thor. This is why he was enamored with the mythical German tales of the cold, Northern Medieval Black Forests put into music by Richard Wagner. Taking the idea of the Millennium from the Bible, Hitler said the new German Reich would last for "a thousand years!"

   Hitler even replaced the twelve apostles of the Bible with the sixteen German young martyrs who were slain in a political street riot. They were immortalized with marble monuments and flaming torches, along with a solemn march that imitated the stations of the cross of Christ in Jerusalem.

   The people who stood in the way of making all of this work for the Germans were the Jews! Hitler had to get rid of them so that the people would become a new religious nation that could someday control the entire world. Hitler even sided with the Arabs (helping them financially) and vowed to aid them rid Palestine of the Jewish hopes for returning to that Land! Most people do not realize it but when he supported the Jerusalem Arab Grand Mufti to try to drive the English out of Palestine, he was going against the plans of the former Christian Prime Minister of Britain, Lord Balfour. Balfour had been raised as a youth listening to the readings each Sunday of the Old Testament prophets about the return of the Jews to their promised land. He was the spearhead of the English pledge: "His Majesty's government will aid the Jews in establishing a homeland in Palestine …"

   Most Christians today do not know how history weds itself with the promises and prophecies of the Word of God! – Dr. Mal Couch