Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How Can They Get It So Wrong ...!

Someone handed me a devotional lesson from a tabletalk-like publication. I gagged and got sick because of the terrible theology that this little publication put forth. For example:

  1. "God made a covenant of works with the first human being." Where in the world does the Bible say that? Even the covenant guys, Charles Hodge and Louis Berkhof, say the covenant of works is IMPLIED in the Bible but admit it's not EXPLICIT. If it was not explicit and was only implied how did Adam know about this covenant? He was only told to obey what God said, and of course, he did not!
  2. "Since Adam's failure to comply with the covenant of works he would plunge the world into eternal death." Adam disobeyed what God said; there is no indication he was failing to comply with a so-called covenant of works that even the covenant guys admit is not in Scripture!
  3. "God made a covenant of grace wherein He would send a new Adam to satisfy the covenant of works." Now I am starting to throw up! Where does the Bible say all of that? Of course Christ will be the new faithful Adam but the rest of what this little devotional says on a supposed covenant of works and covenant of grace is not biblical!
  4. Now here comes the ultimate STUPIDITY: "Jesus is the new Israel!" Can you believe it?

Thank God for biblical dispensationalism that sticks to the Bible! I don't just throw different ideas into a mixing bowl and stir it all up. I logically and carefully study the Bible in its context, line upon line! Unfortunately, the people reading the above points will think those statements are scriptural and that they are true.


Dr. Mal Couch