Sunday, July 17, 2011


It is happening so fast we can't keep up with it! Our churches, mainly liberal churches but not totally so, are doing crazy things that demonstrate that they have completely bought into a liberal agenda and are leading their people into total error!

Congregational, Methodist, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches are spending time supporting Islam and asking their people to read the Koran. We cannot figure out what their agenda is all about. Why would they move in this direction and bring their flocks into such false religions? They are denying the exclusivity of Christ, and as well, they are denying the inspiration of Scripture.

Many denominations are urging their pastors to read portions of the Koran each Sunday. This amounts to "spiritual treason" some have argued. They are not doing this simply for information but they are doing it for spiritual enlightenment! No wonder the main line denominations are shrinking! It must be remembered that most of these pastors have received poor seminary training, with almost no doctrinal guidance. It may be also that they are just plain lost—they are not born again. Some have called this "the Religious Trojan Horse" leading people away from the truth.

If this is happening to your church, let us know! Some have called this movement CHRISLAM! We are told that some 300 pastors have signed letters saying that this could bring about world peace recognizing Allah and Yahweh as the same God! Of course this is not true. 136 Muslim leaders, along with some so-called Evangelical leaders (such as McLaren, Warren, Schuller, and Hybels), have joined in signing a positive letter for this movement. -- Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)