Saturday, July 9, 2011


Scofield Ministries is holding a Conference with important and well-known teachers on WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE CHURCH IN TROUBLED TIMES? The Conference will be held at the Walvoord Conference Center in Clifton, TX at a selected date toward the end of September. The Conference will focus on:

The Church in troubled times.

The needed support for the nation of Israel.

The danger to America from Islam.

A return to Pulpit Exegesis.

A needed Church Doctrinal Statement.

Preparing the People for Troubled Times ahead.

The New Face of Evangelism in our day.

Reaching the New Generation.

Pastors are invited to attend and join the speakers, possibly including: Dr. Andy Woods, Dr. Tom McCall, Dr. Mal Couch, and others. Meals will be provided. While this is not definite, the session will possibly run from Thursday evening to Saturday morning (Sept. 22-24). The final dates will be decided in the next week or two. By reservation only. Limited space. [Those attending will be given a gift of important books.] Let us know of your interest: (