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The Rise of Anti-Semitism "The Rustling of the Leaves":
One can tell that fall is around the corner when the cold winds blow and the leaves begin to rustle. There is a chilly theological wind blowing that is coming in the form of a denial of the Abrahamic Covenant right of Israel to own the holy land.

Christians Do Not Go To Glory!:
Progressive Dispensationalism (PD) that was begun in one of our "big" seminaries, is turning out to be a most destructive teaching. Many say that it is not even dispensational in nature.

Replacement Theology: Sending Israel's National Promises To the Junkyard.:
There is a growing crisis in the larger Evangelical community over the present nation of Israel. The crisis perpetuates that age-old canard of replacement theology of supersessionism.

Jeremiah 30: A Warning to the Palestinians and the Gentiles!:
Everyone has experienced what I call "the great awakening" in which some passage of the Word of God suddenly becomes overpowering and relevant. We have to say, "I have never noticed these specific verses before!" This has happened to me recently. And the chapter I cannot seem to get away from is Jeremiah 30.

Minister of the Gospel:
When I set out to be a minister of the gospel, I became intrigued with the controversial theological issue of the inspiration and inerrancy of the Word of God. This is not to say that I was ever tempted to deny these great doctrinal truths, however, I simply wanted to know all that the Scriptures record as to how they came into being.

The Blessed Book:
The Bible is the most remarkable book ever written. It is also one of the most well known and popular pieces of literature ever produced. It has spawned other writings from the production of theologies and commentaries to literary history and poetry.

Five Great Events Coming on Mankind!:
(1) The Apostasy of the church: The word Apostasy means "The Falling Away." The church (those who are "religious") will turn away, fall away from the truth. WE ARE NOW IN THE TIME OF THE APOSTASY!

A Comparison Between Israel and the Church:
This is a list of 24 differences between Israel and the church, as given by Dr. Lewis S. Chafer in his Systematic Theology, Vol. 4.

May Evangelicals Heed The Warning!:
The Wall Street Journal recently published (April 24, '98) an incredibly incisive article from English author Digby Anderson entitled "The Sentimental Society." What he had to say was incredible in terms of its insights into Western civilization and our Christianity. As well, in my own mind, it spoke volumes as to what is happening presently to the larger Evangelical world.

Inerrancy And The Gospels:
The doctrine of inerrancy is actually an extension of the doctrine of inspiration. If the Holy Spirit has inspired the writers of Scripture and superintended their message, then it stands to reason that the message is without error. The written revelation reflects the thoughts of a holy God who would speak to us only what is true.

Progressive Dispensationalism: Is Christ Now on the Throne of David? (Part One):
One of the major tenets of Progressive Dispensationalism is that Jesus is now Occupying David's throne spiritually in heaven. However, the Bible is clear that, when the throne of David is occupied in the future by Jesus, this will be the only fulfillment of the prophecy historically (i.e., that the Messiah will reign on David's Throne; Luke 1: 31-33).

Progressive Dispensationalism: Is Christ Now on the Throne of David? (Part Two):
The amillennialist and the Progressive Dispensationalist (PD) says that Christ is presently spiritually seated on the throne of David in heaven. The PDs however still believe He will come and sit on that throne in the historic, earthly kingdom.

Progressive Dispensationalism: Is Christ Now on the Throne of David? (Part Three):
But does Acts2:30-36 really teach that Christ is now on David's throne? Admittedly, the passage is tough to follow in the English structure, but by taking it apart in the Greek tet, one can see that the verses are not claiming Jesus is now reigning as promised in the Davidic covenant, either "spiritually" or actually.

The Death Struggle of Systematic Theology:
Since the tumultuous days of the Reformation, Calvin and others began to put down in systematic fashion the doctrines that became so dear to the Protestant revolt against Rome, though systemizing the teachings of the Word of God was not new...

The Scourge of Amillennialism and Liberalism:
The slow but steady move of many Christian seminaries toward Progressive Dispensatonalism is leading these institutions into ammillennialism, and that, in turn, will someday draw them toward outright liberalism...

Preparing For Persecution:
It is my firm conviction that the modern Evangelical church will soon face direct persecution in America. It has already begun in other parts of the world. In fact, some have estimated that more believers ...

The War Now Raging:
No one can deny we are in a terrible spiritual conflict. Though that struggle began with the fall of Adam, the intensity in some ways seems to be escalating. What is also disturbing is that so many belivers ...

The Power of the Catholic Priesthood:
Below is the fifth article in a ten-part series on Catholic Theology and Dogma. Almost all of the material quoted comes from books and articles approved by the Catholic Charch. The first article ...

Why Dispensationalism Is Being Reputiated and Preterism Is Being Embraced:
For sometime now I've been noticing that many who say they once were dispensationalists are now claiming to be Reformed in their theology. At may of our most well-known evangelical seminaries, some ...

From The Desk of Dr. Mal Couch:
About five years ago I suggested to Dr. Walvoord that someone should write his biography. With his usual humor he answered that no one would be interested in his life. I laughed but quickly replied that ...

A Crisis In Homoletics:
This morning by telephone I had about four conversatins with Greek teachers in four of our most conservative, Evangelical seminaries and Bible colleges. When I finished, I found myself thoroughly discouraged ...

S. Lewis Johnson - The Passing of a Giant :
On January 28, 2004, one of America's greatest Greek scholars went home to be with His Savior. Dr. Johnson taught hundreds if not thousands of students the marvels and spiritual wonders of the New Testament Greek text...

Marching Toward Armageddon :
The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the world will increase by 73,285,608 people during this year of 2005. This means that since January we have already increased by over 35,000,000 souls worldwide. This is more than 200,000 people each day ...

Dead in Trespasses and Sins: Ephesians 2:1,5
What exactly do we mean when we say man has "fallen"? Is he now completely incapable of understanding any spiritual truth? Theologians have debated and discussed these questions for centuries. One of the pivotal passages in this matter ...

Acts 2-38- Is Baptism Required for Salvation? :
Acts 2-38 has stood as a puzzle to those who do not believe in baptismal regeneration. At first reading the verse may leave the impression that baptism, water baptism, is necessary for salvation. The verse is used as a proof text for those who take the position ...

The Contemporary Music Scene :
Besides the issues of dispensationalism and Bible prophecy, another great mountain of division among Evangelicals is coming upon us, and it has to do with contemporary music. The reason this is a problematic issue is that music touches us all on an emotional sliding scale ...