Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dr. Couch was Right!

Dr. Couch led the charge a few years ago against the Texas Higher Education Commission for its control over seminaries and Bible institutes that were being forced to be accredited in order to offer Biblical degrees. We won! And the State was off the backs of Christian schools. (At least for now!)

   We were proven right because this was a form of State control over religious institutions. But here comes Canada. The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has come against the Christian school, Trinity Western University, because of the school's requirement that the teachers must agree to the inerrancy of the Bible. The CAUT claims this controls academic freedom with its faculty. But this is a way of the Canadian government controlling Christian institutions and the beliefs of their faculties.

   Once a Christian school gets in bed with the State, the State will control that school. The world hates the Bible, Christian institutions, and Christians in general. We have pushed for complete separation of the State from all Christian organizations. Otherwise, we will be defeated. This problem is growing as our State governments become more and more secular. In England, Canada, and coming to America, there is the march to shut down Christianity.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dr. Couch, what is the difference in "believing" in Jesus and "believing Jesus" as found in John 8:30-31? Some say believing in Jesus is a reference to salvation, while simply believing Jesus is just understanding what He has said, without a reference to saving faith. What do you say?

ANSWER:  The key of course is found in the grammar of the Greek text. In verse 30 the Jews "believed 'upon' (the preparation epi) Him." In verse 31 it says "those who have believed in Him," using a Perfect Active Participle of "believe." "Those who have through a process believed 'into' Him." In verse 31, the "Him" is in a Dative case—"into Him." There is no stand-alone preparation here.

   I do not believe there is a substantive difference between the two grammar forms. In verse 30, faith is being placed "upon" Him. In verse 31, faith is being placed "within" Him. Both are strong ways to say that their faith is real and in both verses we see the placing of a firm trust in Christ!

   Nicoll seems to argue for a difference in the two verses but he does not go on and substantiate that distinction or difference. In other words, he does not prove the fact that there is a difference. He puts weight on the fact that Christ said "If you abide in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine."

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
   Dr. Mal Couch (5/10)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank You, Dr. Couch

Dr. Couch,

I am compelled by my Lord to again thank Him and then you for your website, books, monthly CD's, and radio broadcasts. I refer often to your books and  audio and have been blessed time and time again. Your resources reflect the decades of study and buckets of sweat you have put into them, not to mention your time in prayer. Thank you and thank you, again.

In His service,

Thursday, May 20, 2010


In Matthew 12:24-33 Christ points out that He can be blasphemed, and those who do such, can in the future be forgiven. "Whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come" (v. 32).

   Christ's words are proven in the book of John. In 7:20, 8:48, and 8:52, the people said that He "had a demon." The Lord said nothing about their accusation. These people could have been forgiven if they repented. But the sin against the Holy Spirit could not be forgiven. The sin in Matthew 12 was that they claimed He was performing miracles by the power of Satan. They were seeing His objective miracles right before their eyes and claiming that Satan had performed those works. That was unforgivable. But to say He had a demon, or that He did certain works by the power of Satan, this could be forgiven. Christ said nothing with their accusations in the book of John.

   (Listen to my teaching on the subject: Matthew 12, The Unpardonable Sin

God bless. – Dr. Mal Couch (5-10)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thank you, Dr. Couch

Dr. Couch,

You did it again. You produced an excellent discussion of the Constitution with a young man who is unquestionable excellent--viz. Dr. Andy Woods. I have recently   finished listening to the CD on the Death of the Constitution for the second or third time (there is so much to learn). In any event, you noted at the beginning if we wanted extra copies to share, to let you know. I can use two copies of each part of the discussion to share with men at my church  (1 copy each part) and my sister's  church in Pennsylvania (1 copy each part).

Thanks for your kind offer and even more for your timely ministry.

In His grace, for His glory,

Kenneth R. Cooper, D.D., Ph.D.


This has been an issue that has been debated for generations by many scholars, even dispensational and premillennial teachers. But the answer will be a loud and clear "yes" if we use good interpretative and hermeneutical skills to come up with the answer.

   First, we start with interpretation. Our base is (1) Literal Interpretation, that is, we take the passages of Scripture just as they are. We do not impose our interpretation to the verses. We let them speak to us, and what do we come up with? (2) We use Common Sense and do not try to get "theological". We want the Bible to do the talking!

   Literal interpretation will mean we take the text as it is. Whatever it says, that is what we embrace. By the way, while some scholars disagree, some of the most respected premillennialists say that there is a co-regency with Christ and David co-ruling in the Millennial Kingdom. This is held by some of the most respected, such as Dwight Pentecost, John F. Walvoord, and the late great scholar at Moody Bible Institute, William Newell.

   Walvoord wrote: "David is meant the resurrected David who shares with Christ as prince some of the government duties of the millennial kingdom."

   Newell added: "David is not the son of David. Christ, as Son of David, will be King, and David, His father after the flesh, will be prince, during the Millennium. In the light of many prophecies which promise saints the privilege of reigning with Christ, it would seem most logical that David the King raised from the dead should be given a place of prominence in the Davidic Kingdom of the millennial reign of Christ."

   Let's look at the verses because what the Bible says will ultimately give us the right answers.

   Jeremiah 23:5-6: "Behold, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when I shall raise up for David a righteous Branch; and He will reign as king and act wisely. ... His name will be called ... 'The Lord our Righteousness.'" This of course is the Messiah, the Lord Jesus, and, He will reign as King FOR DAVID!

   Jeremiah 30:9: Israel will "serve the Lord their God, and THEY SHALL SERVE David their king, whom I will raise up for them ..." Notice that David will be resurrected and will be their King! But the Messiah will also be their King reigning FOR DAVID! This is a both/and, not an either/or! The Messiah is not "representing" David, He is separate from David, but both will be Kings! This is a co-regency, a co-reigning, with both ruling during the Millennium. This was common during Kingdom periods in ancient days.

   Jeremiah 33:15-17: The Messiah, the Righteous Branch OF DAVID "will spring forth" and execute "justice and righteousness ON THE EARTH" during the Millennial reign! At this time, Jerusalem will be called "The Lord our Righteousness" just as the Messiah will be as mentioned in Jeremiah 23:5-6. This One, the Messiah, is separate from David and comes from him!

   Jeremiah 33:20-21: If you can change the laws of nature then you can break the "natural covenant" of day and night, and David will not have a son to "reign on his throne ..." "The son of David is the Messiah, and He will reign on David's throne in the Kingdom." Thus, to mention David is not saying that this name is only representing the Messiah. David is David, and the Messiah is the Messiah!

   Ezekiel 34:23-24: David is called God's (1) shepherd and (2) My servant. And, David will be Israel's (3) prince "among them." David will hold these positions during the Millennial reign of Christ. Our key rule: OBSERVATION. What it says, it says! We take this at face value and we take it literally! We don't insert our own new thought here. We can't say, well, David does not mean David, the name means Christ. We take David at face value!

   Ezekiel 37:22, 24-25: These verses give some problems. It refers to the two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, and then says but only "one king" will rule over these two nations in the Messianic Kingdom period. The point is not say that there will be ONLY ONE king but that the two kingdoms will be joined to make one kingdom during the Millennial reign. The nation will no longer be divided, and, One central ruler will have united both kingdoms together. This does not destroy the idea of a co-regency, but only makes the point of the unity of the nation! The last of verse 22 says "and they will no longer be divided into two kingdoms."

   37:22, 24-25 says what has already been said previously. David will be God's servant, the king, the prince, and one shepherd, and "they shall live on the land that I gave to Jacob (Israel)." The rule of thumb will be "the everlasting covenant," which is a reference to the New covenant.

   Zechariah 3:8: The Messiah is mentioned again as God's servant and the Branch.

   Zechariah 6:12: Again, the Messiah is the Branch who will build the Temple for the Millennial reign.

   Hosea 3:5: When the Millennium is established, Israel will return and "seek the Lord their God" and they will return and "seek David their king; and they will come trembling to the Lord and to His goodness in the last days." David will have been resurrected and Christ will arrive at the Mt. of Olives where His feet will touch, and all Israel will seek Him out!

   Luke 1:31-32: It was told Mary that she would bring forth the Messiah, the Son of the Most High (Psalm 2) "and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David; and He will reign over the house of Jacob (Israel) forever; and His kingdom will have no end." Notice that David had a throne and that is the throne given to David's Son, from which Christ will rule over the house of Israel forever!

   Conclusion: If we let the Bible speak, and not insert our own thoughts, it all becomes quite clear in our thinking. A co-reigning and a co-regency is the only thing that makes sense if we just let the Bible speak on its own! – Dr. Mal Couch (5-10)

Saturday, May 15, 2010


One of the leaders of the Emergent Church Movement, who said that John 3:16 is about saving the cosmos, has been invited to one of the largest dispensational seminaries in this area to speak, as reported by "The Lamplighter" magazine. His altar call asked people to come forward and put their hands in a barrel of dirt to commit saving the planet. As the magazine rightly said, "Discernment is dead!"  -- Mal Couch (May., 10)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar (64 BC – 14 AD) wailed "Give me back my legions!" This he cried when he heard the news that in far off Germania the pagan tribes had defeated his military divisions in the forests of northern Germany.

   The death of so many of his soldiers took place in the brooding and dark Teutoburg Forests. Cold, damp, and mysterious, the Black Forests were the home of all of the German gods. And as well, the German people were strong, strong-willed, evil, and blood thirsty. They trounced the Romans in a most unpleasant way.

   For decades the Romans were moving north through Gaul and then into what is now the Baltic Sea region. They campaigned eastward to the Elbe River, establishing forts that they hoped would create a buffer along the Rhine that would retard the invasion of the Germans into civilized Italy. If there was any good about the Roman incursions it would be that many Roman soldiers were Christians and they took their faith into those dark regions of Europe with many Germans being converted to Christ.

   The Germans were divided into many tribal peoples but the coming of the Romans caused them to unite in order to stand fast against the Roman legions. The Imperial Roman troops were sophisticated in their tactics and weaponry; the Germans fought with basics: clubs, swords, spears, and with helter-skelter tactics. As the Roman legions marched forward into the darkness of cold and sinister woods, the Germans simply retreated, pulling the Romans further and further into unknown territory.

   The Roman commander Varus had his hands full. Besides his legionaries, he had a large mob of wives, children, prostitutes, and traders. In one final push to reach the Baltic Sea, he struggled through cold, wind, and rain. They fought their way through thick, dark trees, and underbrush, crawling streams that were icy cold, and mud that bogged down horses and carts. The tribesmen knew the terrain well but the Romans did not.

   Suddenly, the Germans leaped to the attack, closing steadily with their enemy. Casualties were horrific. In order to escape and survive, the Romans burned their wagons and anything else that was not essential. On the second day, the Germans had surrounded the Romans deep in their forests. Torrential rains waterlogged the troops and made it impossible to move. Slogging through the night the Romans had unwittingly marched into a hopeless position. The cold marshes became their graves. Their tormenters assailed them every step of the way. Because they knew what their fate would be if captured, many of the Romans committed suicide.

   The three Romans legions were almost completely wiped out—the Germans had suffered almost no casualties. The Romans began a long 400 year retreat from Europe. The Germans consider to this day the battle of the Teutoburg Forest a symbol of German unity and nationalism.

   Prophecy was fulfilled. Daniel predicted the Fall of Rome in that the Empire would be divided up into small pieces. He wrote "Like iron that breaks in pieces, the [Roman Empire] will be crushed and break into many pieces" (Dan. 2:40). That Empire will be like iron mixed with clay (v. 41). "Part of it will be brittle" (v. 42). The pieces "will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery" (v. 43). But someday it will be seen as a fourth beast (or kingdom) "dreadful and terrifying and extremely strong; and it will have large iron teeth" (7:7) and be led by a "little one," a violent horn that will have great power (vv. 7-8).

   We are seeing today the revival of that Roman Empire! – Mal Couch (May., 10)  

Monday, May 10, 2010


Some evangelical institutions are now using liberal arguments in support of criminal-illegal infiltrators, who are better known as "illegal aliens." This grieves me that evangelicals are misusing, twisting, and distorting the Bible in their support of being pro-criminal. While admitting that some laws are being broken, some conservatives admit "We must never deny that illegal immigrants are breaking the law. Yet these immigrants' law-breaking is no reason for the church to remain uninvolved in North America's largest mission field today. We have an opportunity to give the illegals the gospel!"

   If the issue was bank robbing would we argue the same way? Or, would we say the bank robbers must also stop robbing banks, before we then gave them the gospel? And, since they are bank robbers we don't want them in our country—they must be sent back home!

   Some may retort, but being a criminal who ignores our laws and "breaks" into our country illegally is not the same as bank robbing! We forget that all of the illegals are violating our rules, they violate our tax codes, do not pay taxes themselves, use our medical and school systems, and have the advantages of our country without participating in a legal way! They fail to get legal SS cards, legal drivers' licenses, and they sign up for credit cards and free food stamps without proper identification. We the citizens pay for their free ride! And besides, every day and night they know they are violating our laws without submitting to our social and national requirements for citizenship.

   I am amazed that Christians can wink and condone, or have sympathy for such actions. I call this "Sympathetic Humanism." We weep over the law-breakers! Some evangelicals (turned liberal) argue: "Many churches want to do something, but they wonder what they can do." We know what we must do: stand behind our laws and stop admitting the law-breakers into our country!

   One evangelical leader wrote: "Matthew 25:31-4 suggests that to mistreat the 'alien' is to mistreat Christ." I spent thirty minutes looking at that great messianic passage, and for the life of me, I could not understand his argument from these verses of prophetic Scripture! I really must be dumb.

   Then, they use Leviticus 19:33-34 where Israel was told not to mistreat the "stranger" in your land, remembering that you once were enslaved in Egypt. In biblical days there were no sovereign border laws that were used to control citizenship, as we do today. That was then, this is now! Plus, the issue was mistreatment. But too, when Israel entered Canaan there were almost a dozen small nations that controlled the land with kings ruling over each pagan tribe and in different territories. God had given the entire land to Israel. The issues then are entirely different than what we are faced with today.

   After our Civil War, America got serious about the flood of immigrants coming to America. This is what Ellis Island was all about. People coming to America had to have sponsorship, have some money with them, had to have a job committed and waiting for them, have a place to stay, and had to be healthy. They were required to take American history studies and English courses as well. If some of these things were not in order, they were sent back home from where they came. Almost all were coming from Europe which held the country in strong Reformation, European thinking. Quotas kept the nation moving in one direction.

   The Christian today has the responsibility to uphold all the laws of the land. We cannot bring everyone in who wishes to come here. We will destroy our national sovereignty and purpose. We do not say: "Come on into our nation illegally, but oh by the way, here's a gospel tract that tells you that Christ died for your sins (and died also for your law-breaking)! Enjoy!" – Dr. Mal Couch (May., 10)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


In his little weekly publication he writes: "What Ezekiel saw in a vision (Ezek. 40-48) we now see in reality as the kingdom of God spreads across the earth and people from every tribe and tongue are set apart as priests. The turning of the nations to Yahweh, the only God, is clear evidence that the Bible is true."

    What planet does he live on? That is not what is happening in our world. But he has to say that to defend his amillennialism and argue that they church is the successful kingdom of God. Otherwise, he will fall into the correct dispensational trap that shows us biblically that there will be an apostasy at the end of the church era.

   Boy, did Ezekiel waste a lot of paper when he spent nine chapters at the end of his book arguing for the restoration of a millennial temple in the 1000 year kingdom reign of the Messiah. Ezekiel goes into great details to explain the architecture of the kingdom temple. Then Sproul and others come along and say all of that detail is simply some kind of spiritual description that is to be taken allegorically and not actually! Sproul pulls the wool over our eyes when he speaks about "the people of God" in these chapters. You think he's talking about the Jews to whom these chapters are addressed. Fooled you! Sproul is talking about the church, seeing this "literal" temple description applied in some strange way to our present generation. Wow!

   Taking the measurements of the temple in the passage, Sproul says the temple is too big to fit on the temple mount in Jerusalem. How one can outguess God and argue for something that he has not evidence for? God is the one building the millennial Jerusalem. He will know how to make that temple work. The great Dr. Feinberg, the awesome Jewish-Christian scholar (who was one of my professors) has an outstanding commentary on Ezekiel. He makes the book make sense in all of its literalness as he expounds all that the prophet prophesied for Israel! (Feinberg was planning to be a Rabbi until God got hold of him!)

   How sad for such men as Sproul to denigrate the plain teaching of God's Word by trying to outguess all the Lord is telling us about what is coming. How could Sproul allegorize such verses? "And the glory of the Lord came into the house (the prophesied temple) by the way of the gate facing toward the east. And the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house" (43:4-5). How can one allegorize and spiritualize such plain language in Ezekiel's book? The "house" and "gate" and "facing the east" all means just what it says. But such folks as Sproul become the judge and juror on what the Spirit said through the prophet. Mercy!

   The Divine Presence (the Divine Chariot-The Markavah) is mentioned throughout Ezekiel. Because Israel could not depend on America supplying arms for their military, they developed their own battle tank and named it "The Markavah." It is one of the most effective tanks used in the Middle East. America's curse became Israel's blessing!

   The Jewish commentators explain how in the Messianic age the spirit of prophecy will be restored to Israel, under the influence of God's Spirit. The Rabbis note: "God takes Ezekiel up to a high mountain and lets him see the rebuilding of the (literal and actual) temple."

   Ezekiel 40-48 has nothing to do with allegory or with the church. It is all about future Israel. The Rabbis further say: "The manifestation of God's omnipotence ... and His intervention on behalf of His people will prove to the nations that Israel's suffering in exile was not due to His inability to save Israel but it had to do with Israel's sin." How Sproul misleads! – Dr. Mal Couch (May., 10 )

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Every day I receive emails, phone calls, or letters about the administration in Washington. So far, it is 100% of those contacting me who say, "What is happening is from God, and it is what we are due for our sins." Christians are in agreement! And so the question, "Why should God spare America?" We do not deserve any blessings from Him! If you read the Old Testament you can see the judgments that came upon His earthly people, Israel. The nation had departed from His protection and, just like Israel, we are living fulfilling our own desires. 

   Pray for this great nation!

   For a limited time of just one week, I will send out Free copies of my book "This Great Nation ..." You will get an eye full of what we as a people had, and then see what we tossed away that He had given us! – Dr. Mal Couch (May., 10)


Thank God for the believers in America who have not caved in to the culture, and who are still living their trust before the world! But unfortunately, we have too many in this country who are simply going through the motions and are living "cultural" Christianity and not genuine faith.

   Recent statistics tell the story! Almost ¾ of Christians say that they are "spiritual" but not "religious." That can be a good thing because often "religion" can mean formality but not walking with Christ on a daily basis. Almost 70% of the younger crowd who claim to be believers do not mention their faith when asked about what is most important to them. Half do not attend church on a given week. However, that can be good. Because most churches are just playing at fun and games, emotion, squinting the eyes with stupid and meaningless music, expression without possession. And most pastors are into charismanea and not into strong, objective teaching of the Word of God. The reason: they are either liberal in their theology, or believe that one should not go too deep in teaching the Scriptures. As well, none of them had the strong biblical training my generation experienced!

   Only 40% say they should share the gospel. 36% say they never open their Bible; only 17% read it on a daily basis. Only 10% continue to attend church after high school. College does a number on them with massive doses of liberalism and skepticism. And as well, if they live in the dorms, they "visualize" at first hand terrible immoral promiscuity and open sin, with people shacking up together in co-ed dorms.

   One student in the ministry put it well: Most younger "Christians" today say this generation is veering into "moralistic therapeutic deism" –"God just wants to make you happy and do good things for you." The teaching of evolution and the teaching of secular psychology in the school system, with its positivism, is what has destroyed strong, gutty Christianity. As the Bible disappears from our culture and from our churches, do not expect there to be a turn-around. Darkness is covering the land with no return to meaningful Christianity. We are into the apostasy! It is now upon us! –Dr. Mal Couch (May., 10)

Friday, May 7, 2010


A pastor in England has been arrested for saying publicly that homosexuality is a sin. Remember, that what happens in Europe ends up here on our East coast, and what happens there, ends up in California, and then in the rest of the U.S. I predicted that this would happen and it's happening far more quickly than I could have imagined.

   While the political parties in England are saying they want to protect free speech in that country, do not hold your breath.

   The pastor was arrested under what Britain calls the "Public Order Act," meaning that such language was meant to harass or cause harm, by the using of "threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behavior."

   In England, and in America, churches are shrinking and disappearing. More and more people are no longer attending church. Churches are closing and the numbers of those who claim to be Christians are drying up. The apostasy is here! I'm not bragging, but I began to say we are seeing the fulfillment of the apostasy about two years ago. I was right. And many, many others are now agreeing.

   I plan to do a series on the apostasy verses of Scripture in great detail. Look for this series on this website.

   By the way, is your pastor understanding what is happening; is he sound asleep? Most are snoozing and have no idea as to what is happening in our culture. Pastors are to be "overseers." The Greek word is "epi-scopos." Or, to over look, or look over, or look forward, and see what is coming, and then, warn the believers as to what they can expect. – Dr. Mal Couch (May, 10)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am receiving dozens of requests to start another seminary! While I appreciate the confidence, I am now working out a plan to teach others in order to receive seminary credit. I know of no school that I can recommend. Most are being run by legalistic younger men, who do not know what they're doing. I want to take those called back to strong theology that brought my generation along to thoroughly understand the Word of God. We may have to do some things on the QT because we may all be under attack before we know it. You may have heard that a pastor in England has just been arrested for saying that homosexuality is a sin. I want younger men who want solid goodies! I am working with several groups whom I trust and think that they are moving in the right direction. Pray for our churches and our schools. We indeed are into the apostasy! Dr. Mal Couch (May, 10)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When Israel settled down in the promised land they did not drive out the pagan peoples who were living among them. For example, Naphali did "not drive out the inhabitants of" the land, and they placed the Israelites into "forced labor" (Judges 1:33). The Amorites then "forced the sons of Dan into the hill country" and did not allow them to enjoy the fruit of the land; would not allow them to come "down to the valley" where they could farm (v. 34).

   The Lord reminded Israel that He had brought them out of slavery, out of Egypt (2:1) and that He would never break the covenant that He had made with them. The Jews in turn, were to make no covenants with the pagan and sinful people who were in Canaan (v. 2). "They shall become as thorns to you in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare to you" (v. 3). What did the Jews do?

   When "the Lord spoke these words to all the sons of Israel, the Jewish people, then lifted up their voices and wept" (v. 4). Then the people served the Lord. But when that first generation died off, the next generation who did not know the Lord, nor yet the work which He had done for Israel, did evil in the sight of the Lord, and served the pagan gods, the Baals (vv. 7-11).

   While all people are equal before the Lord, all cultures are not! The Canaanites were part of the evil cultures that were in the land. They had nothing in common with the Jews. And, the Jews, the new generation, had forgotten all that God had done for the founders of the nation. By allowing the pagans to remain in the land, the Jewish people "were plundered and they could no longer stand before their enemies" (v. 14). In time, the new generation forgot God. "They were groaning because of those who oppressed and afflicted them" (v. 18). "They did not abandon the practices of the evil pagan cultures or their stubborn ways" (v. 19).

   Finally, God will cease from driving out the pagans, as with America, who do not know Him. Then God will "no longer drove out before the Jews any of the nations which Joshua left when he died" (v. 21). The pagan cultures remained "in order to test Israel by them" (v. 22).

   America is now facing a test! – Dr. Mal Couch (May., 10)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What world leader believed in creating chaos in government administration because then, he could give the solution, have more political control, and was labeled "The Messiah"?
(1) Adolf Hitler____ (2) Barack Hussein Obama_____ (3) or both_____? If you answered (3), you were correct. Sound familiar?

Monday, May 3, 2010


For those of you in the Waco/Temple Texas area, we have moved our radio program to a new time, with a new name. We are on KBDE-FM, 89.9, at 6 PM every Monday. Our new title: "IMPACT: THE BIBLE & CURRENT EVENTS!" Hope you can listen. – Dr. Mal Couch