Saturday, April 7, 2012


The Orange County Register put in their paper a pretty strong article against Rick Warren's Saddleback Church as to its close relationship with Muslim theology. Warren wrote a retraction in which he denies the statements of the newspaper. In order to be correct and fair we here give his reply and denial against the words of his church. Warren says that there is not a relationship with Muslim theology and that they only have had a Bible study with Muslims in their community. We accept his word and believe the newspaper was practicing poor journalism. Warren has many other theological problems that we are concerned about but we take at face value his claims that he nor his church is in bed with Muslim beliefs. --Dr. Mal Couch (4/12)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is holding a Bible study in his residence as did the first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Netanyahu said: "Ben-Gurion understood that the Book of Books is our mandate for our country. He viewed the Bible as the wondrous story of the Jewish people, the unique spiritual, cultural and historic heritage of our people, and also as one of the cornerstones of all of human culture."

A former Prime Minister added: "Netanyahu said he wanted to reinstate that practice in order to encourage love of the Bible among government officials, and by extension, the nation." Some have said this practice could lead his country to great success. Joshua 1:8 promises success for the one who meditates on the Book of the Law. Other Jewish leaders, such as Moses and Nehemiah, recognized the wisdom of applying one's heart to God's Word.

I believe this is another step in the awakening of Israel in preparing for their spiritual return to the God of Scripture. Pray for the peace of the nation! --Dr. Mal Couch (4/12)