Thursday, December 31, 2009


One of the local TV stations put up a "Christmas" message that is as crazy as a bed bug! It shows how far off base the world really is, and how little they understand about the Bible, the Lord, and about the purpose of the coming of Christ.

   They put this up on the screen: "Tis the season because THE CHRIST is in all of us!"

   Now what in the world does that mean? It's pure NEW AGE thinking imposed upon the story of the birth of Christ. And the world probably does not even know what they had in mind!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Recently, a big local seminary gave over an entire brochure/booklet to the issue of The Gospel and the Jewish People. Dr. Tom McCall believes they did it because they received a lot of complaints in trying to distance themselves from the present State of Israel. While there were some good things in the publication, they said some things that I believe revealed their true feelings about the Jewish people.

   One of the professors contributing to the publication said that Jews could worship in their ethnic practices just as Christians who are African-Americans or who are Koreans. In one sense I agree with this statement. For a Jewish Christian to celebrate the feasts of the Old Testament publicly, they are expressing something more. They are showing something that is very biblical and spiritual in nature because of their connection with the Scriptures, and because of the importance of these celebrations even to Gentiles who have been saved through the blessings that were revealed through the prophets of ancient Israel. African-American practices are not the same as that which comes to us through the Bible!

    I am not sure what another professor is trying to get across when he writes: "One mistake is to equate the modern secular state of Israel with Israel, the people of God. For those with this point of view, no matter what Israel does, it's considered ok. If the present nation of Israel isn't the nation to come, it's the foundation for it."

   It must be remembered that the present day Jewish people are "right now" "from the standpoint of God's choice [His sovereign election] BELOVED [by God] for the sake of the [ancient] fathers [Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob]" (Rom. 11:28). The reason is that "the gifts and the calling [election] of God are irrevocable [unchangeable]" (v. 29). If the Jews are presently loved by Him, we should then also have a great and deep concern for them as well.

   One professor noted that some people say that in our support for Israel, we should stand by them no matter what they do that may be wrong. I have never met anyone who had that view! No one would support Israel if they are wrong in their actions. I have gone to Israel twenty-three times for a total of about one year in time in that nation. And I never saw the Jewish government do anything unjust to the Arabs. How the Jews have kept their cool with all the hate spewed at them by the Muslim Arabs, I just cannot figure out!

   By the way, one professor pointed out that recently a "prominent [big] church in Dallas held a seminar on Romans that covered Romans 1-8 and 12-16, but then completely left out Romans 9-11 which is about God's future prophetic plans for Israel. Wow! Unbelievable!  
   The bottom line: the article could have been stronger and more supportive toward the Jewish people suffering under the world's hate there in the land. And Dr. McCall is probably correct, the articles were written to counter that school's soft ball approach to the Jews in past articles. In my opinion, and Dr. McCall's also, is that an undeserved criticism toward Israel is a first step towards a kind of liberalism and even a denial to dispensationalism. Watch carefully what our evangelical schools are doing in their criticism toward the Jews. – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)


Fox News has been putting up "spiritual" announcements about Christmas, which is somewhat refreshing in comparison to what other stations are doing. But they goofed. In one announcement/ad instead of putting up "The King of Israel," they put up "The King of the Angels." This way, they got rid of Israel. What a goof, in my opinion, and a sop dished out in order to placate the Arabs in our country! The evil continues! – Dr. Mal Couch

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As a historian I'm always studying something about the past 100 years, and especially about the events of World War I & II. Recently, I was given an eye opener as to what happened at the end of World War I that set the world up for end times.

   When the war was over, our Presbyterian Christian President, Woodrow Wilson, attempted to be conciliatory to Germany, the reason, he was a Postmillennialist, who believed to a degree in the goodness of mankind. He thought that, at the bottom line, the Germans were really good, and if we resisted in treating them with a certain punishment, the world would get better, and ultimately, the nations would be set up for messianic days. America did not suffer nearly as bad as the nations of Europe. Wilson was pushing for the League of Nations that would form a platform for lasting global peace. But he was wrong!

   The four great powers, America, England, Italy, and France tried to hammer out the principles of the League with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. But the other powers would have none of it. And they were right—Wilson was wrong, because his theology was off base.

  The big Three felt that if Germany had the chance it would renew the war because the Germanic mind-set did not believe they were beaten. Evil was seething, and the allies were also ready to go back to war if the Germans did not sign the Versailles Treaty that was officially meant to end the conflict.

   Europe was a collection of angry nations—the hearts of men were not satisfied! Wilson did not understand this because, while America spent millions of dollars on the struggle and lost many men, it did not suffer to the same degree that Europe did. Wilson was believing that peace was just around the corner, while Europe was actually pushing for a strong power, a strong man, who could guarantee permanent world peace.

   In Europe, revolution was boiling, and to a degree, it had jumped the Atlantic Ocean and was touching America. The trade unions were leaning toward the communists and the liberals—democracy was under attack. Wilson did not see it that way. He thought that goodness would triumph because men were basically good.

   The possibility of a strong man, an antichrist, was in the air! Germany at first refused to sign the Versailles Treaty because they did not wish to pay the heavy burden of the reparations being put upon them by the allies. This was fanning the flames of revolution and causing men like Hitler to rise up to lead the Germans into another conflict. The French said that Wilson, the old amillennial Presbyterian, was bamboozled and fooled by the Germans. He was going soft on them! The French were right—Wilson was being fooled!

   In order to try to prevent the Germans, or others, from going to war again, all European borders were being re-drawn. New nations were created, and old ones were dissolved. Thus, many borders of Europe and even Africa were being changed. This event went further and made Europeans, and especially the Germans, bitter as to what was being forced down their throats.

   If the Germans did not sign the Versailles Treaty to end the war, Europe was having troops standing by to invade that country and start up the conflict again. Because things were turned into such a mess, China and Italy walked out of the Conference and did not sign the Versailles document. England was also crushed with all the twists and turns by those who were redrawing the maps of the nations. She would never rule the high seas again, to the detriment of the world.

   Even though the Treaty was signed, Wilson knew that all was lost and that the hearts of the leaders were not in the signing. Wilson went home heart broken. The American people, and Congress, did not want to ratify the Treaty either. Wilson died two years later with a heart attack. Germany never forgave the allies or Wilson. The winds of the next war, World War II, were blowing, and evil leaders were coming on the stage who would lead millions into another conflict—such as Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. The end of World War II pushed Europe into a one world "nation" that is the forerunner for the coming of the antichrist, who in my opinion, is not far off! – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)

Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am urging all churches to have printed out some envelops with the names of your congressmen or senators on the front. Then, also pass out sheets (plenty) with fill-in lines so that your people can write messages to these men, sign them, and then keep such messages going to Washington every week or so. This makes it convenient for your congregation to write on a regular basis, and to have addressed envelops ready to go when they need to fire off a message.

   Also, I'm urging churches to push voter registration for next fall. We are part of the government in this blessed country, and therefore it is a spiritual and theological obligation to take part in the process of how America goes.

   There is a mistaken idea about the separation of church and state. Some think that we cannot keep our tax exemption if we tell our people how to vote but we can urge that they write their congressmen and express what they wish to say. We are going to do this with our local church. I know for a fact that more Christians will be writing if the process is made easy for them and convenient. Addressed envelops and a sheet for a letter will greatly help.
-- Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)

Friday, December 25, 2009


The ignorance and the foolishness marches on! I just heard of this two days ago: A large church had an opportunity to hire as a pastor an outstanding Bible teacher who exegetes the Scriptures verse by verse. But the church, with about 400 members, said no. They wanted a "pastor" type who would read a couple of verses and then do typical Southern Baptist church waxing eloquently and "sermonizing" topically, with pounding and waving of arms and legs. In fact they said, "We've never seen anyone 'teach' the Bible. And, we've never seen anyone explain the Bible verse by verse. And, we're not now interested, 'No thank you!'"

   This actually happened just a few days ago. The ignorance is massive, and the ignorant are so ignorant, they don't know that they are ignorant!

   I knew this could happen, but I was so ignorant about this ignorance, I never thought I'd ever hear of this actually taking place.

   Without the explaining and the teaching of the Word of God there can be no growth and clear understanding of what God is saying to us. Besides this problem, many churches have never heard taught the explanation of the great passages of prophetic Scripture. No one knows whether the Lord is coming or going. Many in Southern Baptist churches play the old game that they are pan-millennialists. "It'll all just pan out in the end!" That is so sickening it's not even funny anymore!

   A true story: While teaching at one of the most outstanding Southern Baptist universities, I heard one of the Bible professors say that he just told the kids to go to the library and find out the different views on the book of Revelation. He did not plan to teach the book in the classroom, because, he admitted, he knew nothing about it! Another professor had an older student get up in class and explain to the students the different interpretative views of Revelation. He admitted, with his doctorate from Southwest Seminary, that he knew nothing about John's final book. (I hope things have changed there a little since then!)

   (I am finishing a book on the coming Millennial Government of Christ. It should be out in about 4 weeks. Many will have never heard about Christ's soon return to establish His Davidic rule on earth!) – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


"Dr. Couch, on your last posting for your website you convicted me! You wrote: "The men in the pulpit are no longer trained in systematic theology or the biblical languages."

   Although I was so trained, I am ashamed to admit that I have let those skills atrophy through the 25 years of disuse! And though I am not a pastor, but a Christian school teacher, I do periodically have the chance to preach. Sensing that the man in the pew wouldn't notice, I have usually taken the easy route to sermon prep (and lesson prep as well).

   You ARE right. And I have been wrong and lazy (sinfully so). Beginning today, I covenant that I will begin to re-sharpen the tools, and refresh my Greek and Hebrew. I know it's late in my life and ministry, but perhaps the Lord will have mercy and let me redeem some time. Please pray for me, and keep sharing the truth. God bless. --BJ (New York)"

   I have been pounding away on this issue for years now and this is the first time one with such maturity has been so convicted. Thank you for sharing this with me and our audience. Without systematic theology, doctrine dies. Systematic theology is the "systematic" approach to putting together all that the Bible says on a specific doctrine and subject. Without this, we cannot demonstrate properly, say, the doctrine of the nature of our God, the Trinity. I know only of a few schools that teach the proper use of the languages and systematic theology in our country, and especially, down this way. There are schools with young pups teaching who think they know what they're doing, but indeed, they do not! I can recommend none here in Texas! And I mean none!

   I'm looking for a few younger men who will pick up the mantle who will train their minds and hearts to really learn the great truths of Scripture. So far I find it difficult to have them stick with the process, and the pain, to finally know what they're doing with God's Word.

   Again, thank you for being so candid with your comments. – Dr. Mal Couch(12-09)

Sunday, December 20, 2009


He is shocked! The navy is talking about putting women on subs. What a morale-killer this former sailor says. We have gone mad in our nation! And there is no end to it. It will not stop! The barn door has been opened and there is no closing it. Once you move away from the objective directives of the Word of God, power rules and the liberal mind-set will have their way. Pray for our nation but I think, without a doubt, we're now moving into "difficult times" as Paul says! – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We've all been told that most of the founding fathers and authors of our constitution were deists. But experts like David Barton, and others, point out that this is a lie that is repudiated by the opposite facts. We know for certain that of the signers, 28 were Episcopalians, 8 Presbyterians, 7 Congregationalists, 2 Lutherans, 2 Dutch Reformed, 2 Methodists, 2 Catholics, and only 2 were know deists. Some think that it is possible that only one might have been a deists but there is questions on this. Usually, the deists were listed as Hugh Williamson, James Wilson, and Benjamin Franklin. At most deism was the religion of 3 out of 55, or 51/2 percent of the signers!

   As a condition of church membership in colonial America, the adherents had to be sworn in to believing in their church's doctrinal statement, which included belief in the Bible as God's revelation and trust in Christ as the Son of God. If the founding fathers held deist ideas while belonging to Christian churches it means they swore falsely in the presence of God.

   While no one can vouch absolutely for the salvation of any one, the above is pretty strong evidence as to where they were coming from. But too, it is important to realize that Christian principles had an effect on the culture and the society even though an individual may not have trusted Christ as Savior. More than likely the vast majority of these men were born again.

   Please pass this on to your children, and if you are a pastor, pass it on to your congregation. We should be thankful for this heritage! – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


For over four years Dr. Couch has been saying that we are moving into both the apostasy of the church, and the apostasy of the culture. "Apostasy" means the "falling away," in reference to the truth and the faith. A latest Pew Report just confirms this fact of the departure of the culture from anything even half way spiritual!

   For example, now in this nation, many say they hold beliefs of the sort found in Buddhist temples or New Age bookstores. Almost a fourth of those who say they are Christians say they believe in reincarnation. A fourth say they attend services of other faiths, and a fourth believe in Eastern or New Age ideas, including Hinduism or Buddhism.

   They also believe in yoga as a spiritual practice, giving spiritual energy to things like mountains and crystals, and astrology. Sixteen percent believe in the evil eye or the casting of curses or spells. Three in ten of black Protestants believe in some of the thoughts of Islam, or African beliefs. Half say they have had religious or mystical experiences whereby they received spiritual awakening or enlightenment. This phenomenon is growing in the Black communities and in the minorities who are pouring into this country, legally or illegally. They do not have as their heritage the Protestant, Reformation blessing that came through Europe and England and that was part of the founding of the nation. 

   Religion now is a mixture of beliefs whereby one can build their own religious belief system. Many evangelicals hold to such heresies even though their church may not believe the same things. The reason is what Dr. Couch has said: there is a departure of the teaching of doctrine. Most churches are now into feel good messages, emotionalism, heavy music, but away from sound, objective teaching of the Word of God from the pulpit. Dr. Couch has warned of this for years.

   There will be no turning back. The men in the pulpit are no longer trained in systematic theology or the biblical languages. They do not know how to grasp the Scriptures doctrinally. They are conditioned to be "positive" and emotional. Television is their source of communication, and television is based on emotion and entertainment. We are moving deeper and deeper into the religious and cultural apostasy. We are shrinking in numbers as those who claim to be Christians, and, those who claim to be atheists are growing in number. The spiritual night is coming, and it is almost here!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We refer to the culture that originated in Greece, spread to Rome, permeated Northern Europe, was incorporated by the Anglo-Saxon tradition, spread through British influence, and is associated today primarily with Europe-the United States, and the former commonwealth countries of Britain, and has touched even some Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

   In no way would we admire the paganism of the Greeks but we received through them, and the Romans, much culture that made the European heritage. This is why up until about seventy years ago, youngsters in public school, the upper levels, took Latin and Greek and Roman history. Now, we are repudiating this heritage and there are those, including our President, who want to destroy that heritage. We would have to say that it was used of God to create the highways on which Christianity moved. Again, this is not to admire such heritage in the wrong way, but we cannot escape the positive influence of  Western thinking. This reminder comes to us from Dr. Victor Hanson as written in Imprimis (November 2009). This is why during World War II, Winston Churchill continued to refer to the good things (but not exclusively) that came through "the English speaking people of the world" in opposing the sins of Germany during that struggle.

   I am sure some will argue against what Dr. Hanson has written but if they do, they are ignorant of world history! But too, what is sad is that in the Western world, we have destroyed by massive immorality the blessings we inherited. And we are now touting the other cultures of the world that do not hold a candle to the blessings God used in Western civilization. – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hundreds of verses of Scripture do just that, but there are three passages that are determinative on the issue. They are Luke 22:28-30; Acts 1:10-11; Hebrews 9:28.

(1) In Luke 22:28-30 Christ told the disciples that they would be eating and drinking with Him at His table "in My kingdom, and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel." How could the kingdom be the church? This does not make sense. Is this about the twelve tribes of Israel or does it somehow represent the church age? And, who are the disciples here if not the disciples who walked with Christ daily? If this passage is taken literally, how in the world could it represent the church? Using the desert island approach to interpretation in which no one is influencing your view of the passage, how would you take it except with common sense? And common sense will make it mean just what it says! It would be taken in a literal and normal way. It means just what it says.

Amillennialism is out the window!

   (2) In Acts 1:10-11 the angels told the disciples that when the Lord departed and ascended to heaven, "This Jesus, who has been taken up from you into heaven, will come in just the same way as you have watched Him go into heaven." In other words, in a literal, visible, normal way. He went up from them "as they gazed intently into the sky while He was departing" and He would come back to earth in the exact same manner back. This departing and coming cannot be spiritualized, allegorized, amillennial-ized! It must be taken as an actual going and returning, just as the premillennial orthodox Jews and evangelical premillennial/dispensationalists have said. One cannot fudge interpretation in such a passage.

   Why do the amillennialists want to make this complicated? Because they want to get rid of the Jewish people and destroy the idea of a literal kingdom reign of Christ. There is no other answer that makes sense.

   (3) In Hebrews 9:28 we have a phrase that is extremely close to saying "a second coming." The writer of Hebrews says "Christ also, having been offered once [at His first coming] to bear the sins of many, shall appear a second time [the second coming] for salvation without reference to sin, to those who eagerly await Him." "Shall appear" is the key. He lived on earth visibly and so He will come in like manner, visibly! The Jews reading Hebrews knew exactly what was being said here. They were to be LOOKING for Him to come in the same way He arrived the first time! "Shall appear" is a Future Passive Indicative of the common word "to see," horao. Thus, "He shall be seen."

   In no way could these verses be talking about the church in some allegorical way. Christ's second coming will have all of the markers of a coming, an appearance, a visible arriving! – Dr. Mal Couch (Dec., 09)  

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Dr. Couch, my relative got a copy of your new book "This Great Nation." He called me to say that he is reading it and says that the content and the presentation is the best he's ever read on the subject of America and American history.

He went on to say that he has a masters degree in Church History and has taught the same subject as well. But he added that all of his teachers, or even books he's ever read on American history, never impacted him the way you bring it out and teach on it so clearly.

I don't think I can ever put in words just how much I thank God for you and how Christ is working in you and through you--you have helped me so much! Thank you for helping so many of us grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayers are always for you. -- TB, Texas [RIGHT NOW for a limited time, the hardback book is free inside the USA, BUT please include $5 for shipping. Order it now!: Scofield Ministries, 120 CR 3222, Clifton, TX 76634]

Monday, December 7, 2009


America is now a welfare nation with one out of every eight adults and one in four children on welfare. By the way, we can't call this welfare, we're supposed to call the food stamp giveaway and all the giveaway programs "nutritional aid" not welfare! Talking about being politically correct and re-writing reality—the redefining of words and definitions! Now let's be honest, there are always people who come about on hard times and need limited help to get through a certain period in their lives, but if the truth would be known, most of those receiving such aid are probably loafers and takers who simply fall back on the giveaway program because they are just plain lazy! And more than likely, most are minorities and illegal foreigners who are here simply because we have become a welfare state.

   In most of our public schools, we give away free breakfasts and lunches to the children. Again, bleeding hearts will argue, "but what about the children?" It is the responsibility of the parents to sacrifice, even suffer, and take two jobs, in order to provide for their children. There is nothing in the government mandates for this nation that says the government is to provide free meals for its citizens. This takes the incentive away from the parents and makes us a beggar nation.

   The apostle Paul speaks to this issue among Christians. He writes that the hard working believer should stay away from those who live undisciplined lives (2 Thess. 3:6) and who do not follow the work example of the disciples (v. 7). We are not to eat the bread of someone else "but with labor and hardship, Paul says, we kept working night and day so that we might not be a burden to any of you" (v. 8). In other words, whatever it takes, we should work two or three jobs in order to survive if need be! "If anyone will not work, neither let him eat" (v. 10).

   In Texas, the illegal, that is, the criminal foreigners are swamping our Emergency Rooms in our hospitals because they can get free care and do not have to pay for it. Most come in for medicine for their colds and other minor issues. Some say, "well isn't that charitable, especially for their children?" I say, if they cannot get such help let them go back to the country from which they came. No one is forcing them to stay in America! They need to do what our founding fathers did, they came to these shores and sacrificed and by hard work made a better nation. They expected no free government aid to bail them out of their problems!

   Historically, America was only meant to give all an equal opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families. There is no built-in guarantee that all will have an equal outcome for their hard labor in life. But now, American socialism says all are to be given an equal ride whether they honestly earn it or not!

   A few years ago in Texas, the illegal and criminal foreigners drove up in their big SUVs, with cell phones in their ears, to the various locations of the Salvation Army where they were giving out free Christmas toys for their children. The charitable organizations got smart. They made the freeloaders show their IRS tax reports (which most did not have) from the year before to demonstrate that they indeed were charity cases in order to get the free handouts. Can you imagine what that was teaching their children!

   There is no return for America, no going back! The social apostasy (the falling away from the truth) is here and Christian morality and hard work will never again return to this nation! – Dr. Mal Couch (12-09)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


The small nation of Switzerland (the home of the Reformation) has it right—they have banned the explosion of minarets in that country of only seven million Swiss citizens. There are 400,000 Muslims in the country but they are attempting to take over the entire population, and possibly put the people under sharia Muslim law. A large number of the people (58%) voted to stop the building of minarets. The conservative Swiss People's Party (SVP) long warned of a creeping "Islamisation" of the nation, because of high immigration patterns and high birth rates among Muslims.

   Christianity is about dead in that nation. The people long ago started into the prophesied apostasy, mainly because almost all the churches are liberal and thus repudiate the Scriptures. (John Calvin would roll over in his grave!) Some heretical Christians (if they are Christians) believe banning the minarets is a cowardly act but they just don't get it! The Europeans are losing their freedoms, their land, and all that was once dear to them. In fact, that is part of the problem. Christianity, Christ and the Bible, are no longer important. Spiritual issues to the nation now mean absolutely nothing!

   Remember, whatever happens in Europe will happen in America. We are going in the same direction as the nations of Europe—toward an evil spiritual apostasy because the Word of God no longer means anything!

   The apostle Paul warned us of our day: "For the time will come when [men] will not endure sound (healthy) doctrine (teaching); but wanting to have their ears ticked (wanting to be amused, entertained), they will accumulate to themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths (lies). But you stay awake in all things, endure hardships, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your [spiritual] work" (2 Tim. 4:3-5).  – Dr. Mal Couch (12-09)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The Word of God is very clear about the two-fold offices of Christ: Prophet and Priest. Jesus as a Prophet spoke the Word of God, but He was also the sacrificial Lamb of God, who as a Priest, gave His own body as a substitutional offering for sinful humanity.

   It is in the area of His role of King that the Reformed people get it all confused! With their allegorical and amillennial theology they really gum up the works in regard to His position as King.

   The Reformed writers take Psalm 103:19 as a messianic passage about Christ ruling in the heavenlies. This helps them claim that His kingship presently is about His reign only in the heavens, and not about His literal, earthly reign (as the son of David) over Israel for 1,000 years in the future. But this passage is not about Christ but about God the Father and His rule over all the creation. The verse reads: "The Lord has established His throne in the heavens; and His sovereignty rules over all."

   Unger rightly notes: "This divine rule refers to God's universal kingdom, including the entire creation, which is as eternal as God. ... This kingdom is distinguishable from the mediatorial Kingdom of Christ, which issues from it (cf. 7:9-14) and will finally be merged with it (1 Cor. 15:24)."

   The Reformed guys then quote 2 Samuel 7:12-14 that indeed is about Christ's earthly kingship over the nation of Israel, but they allegorize it away and interpret it with an amillennial twist. The verses speak about Solomon, the son of David, establishing his kingly house (lineage), his throne (the right to rule over Israel on earth), and his kingdom (which is made up of a people [Israel] and a land). Quoting Acts 2:30-33, they say Jesus is reigning now, over us, by subduing "our unruly hearts (sanctification) as well as ruling [now] over all men and nations."

   How can they so easily distort Acts 2:30-33, and also, Luke 1:30-33? In Luke, the angel Gabriel is speaking to Mary. He says she literally will have a son and call His name Jesus! Then (not allegorically) He will be given by the Lord God "the throne of His father David; and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever; and His kingdom will have no end." Are our hearts called "the house of Jacob" over which He now rules? Is "the throne of David" somehow our heart? How hard does one have to allegorize in order to escape the normal, literal, and natural language found in these verses?

   And how the Reformed guys use Acts 2:30-33 (which are about Christ's resurrection and ascension) to show He is establishing His throne and kingdom inside of believers, I can't figure out! They mention also Acts 3:18-21 which is about the literal earthly rule of Christ. The Reformed teachers in no way can "allegorize," "spiritualize," "figure-tize, "or "amillennial-ize" these verses in any form or fashion and have them make sense! When reading these verses we can use what I call "the desert island" interpretation method, that is, if I swim up on a desert island and read these verses in a KJV Bible with no Scofield Notes, and no one to influence me, how would I take them? I would take them in a normal fashion. They are speaking about Christ's earthly millennial rule over the house of David at some future point in history. Plain language with a plain and obvious meaning!

   Acts 3:18 speaks of Christ suffering (on the cross). Did this happen literally or figuratively? Literally, of course! Then verse 19 speaks of Christ being sent by the heavenly Father, who "was appointed for you" (the Jewish people). Why would He be coming to the earth for the Jews? The only answer that any Jew would understand has to do with the messianic earthly Kingdom reign! In verse 21, what is the "period of restoration (restoring) that was spoken by the mouth of God's holy prophets from ancient times"? This "restoration" is the restoring of the Davidic Kingdom that the Jews were looking for. "Restoring" has the idea of starting up again. The Davidic kingdom only had two kings: David and Solomon. And then the nation was split by the Civil War. How could this have anything to do with the Gentiles, the Church, with the allegorizing of the Reformed teachers?

   End of discussion! One cannot allegorize the kingship of Christ. His Kingdom will be a literal rule, from Jerusalem, over the redeemed Jewish people, and it will cover the entire world!

   -- Dr. Mal Couch