Sunday, July 31, 2011


In a recent Bible study we had a discussion on what happens in the death of a child who dies before the age of accountability. There were two views expressed. (1) the child could possibly go to hell since it may not have been elect, (2) the child would go into the presence of the Lord because it had not had the opportunity to make a choice for the Lord, thus God applies His mercy and the child, or infant, goes home to be with Him in glory.

All evangelical Protestants hold to the view that there is an age of accountability, that is, a child does not have the chance to accept Christ, or to turn to God, before a certain age, of which only God knows what that may be! In His sovereignty the Lord can apply His mercy and grace, and He would do so on all infants, or children, who have not come to personhood. It takes some time for a child to reach an age of consciousness, and only the Lord knows, with each individual child, where that age maturity line would be.

The story of David. Because of David's sin of the murder of Uriah (Bathsheba's husband), and the adultery with Bathsheba, the prophet Nathan told David that the son born to them would die (2 Sam. 12:5-12). On the seventh day of its birth the infant died (v. 19). David had been in mourning because he was told that the child would perish for his sins. But after the child had died then David washed himself and ate food (vv. 20-22). David told his servants

"While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept; for I said, 'Who knows, the Lord may be gracious to me, that the child may live.' But now he has died; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me" (vv. 22-23).

If the child was going to be judged and go to hell, the Bible could have told us that, but instead, it told us that David would go into the presence of the child, apparently in heaven to be with the Lord!

If there were two possibilities, heaven or hell, why would the Bible not mention the same? It only comes down on the positive side, heaven! David can go to the child there!

It is only among some Reformed teachers who hold to the fact that the child possibly went to hell and not to heaven. Most evangelicals do not hold to that position.

While Joseph was older when he was kidnapped Jacob, who thought he was dead, said: "I will go down into the grave UNTO my son mourning" (Gen. 37:35). On the passage where David said "I shall go to him (the infant son who died)" (2 Sam. 12:23), the commentator of the Zondervan King James Commentary wrote: "This verse is seen as an expression of David's confidence that he would join his [infant] son in God's presence in the afterlife."

My great OT Hebrew professor, Merrill F. Unger, on this passage wrote: "David's words scarcely can be interpreted any other way than that he was conscious of a life beyond the grave and that he, justified by faith, would go where the innocent child went, who had not yet reached the age of accountability. David was not only comforted himself, but he was able to comfort his wife."

Wordsworth sees in these words belief in the personal identity of risen saints, and in everlasting recognition of a future state. It seems quite evident that at least the continued existence of the child's soul in the grave and/or in heaven is here assumed, and the hope of re-union with it expressed.

Did the child go to heaven because David was special or because all children, before that age of accountability, were to receive the grace of God to their account, as would all before that special moment, and that only God knows as to where that line actually is? Remember, the infant had no opportunity to exercise a belief. God is doing all the work of making him acceptable for salvation by the application of His grace!

It is applying acceptable interpretation and hermeneutics to say that all children, before faith, and before that mysterious age of accountability, would be so blessed by God.

It is best to understand that the Lord knows what He is doing, and that He will apply His grace, the sacrifice of Christ, to all children who are too young to reason toward salvation! Why come down on the negative when the Bible only gives us the positive?

All scholars in my camp hold to this position. We know no other acceptable view. —Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

CHRISLAM: The Mixing of Christianity and Islam

Dr. Couch,

I am hearing more and more of this idea of Chrislam. People like Rick Warren and the guy with the glass cathedral, Schuler are bending over backwards to include Islam in their services or going to their Mosques to talk to them. They seem to think as Bush said, that we worship the same God. What planet are these people on? The attributes of each are opposite. How can you fellowship with a group that flat out says Jesus is not the Son of God if you believe He is? I am more and more convinced that people who do this may not be saved as they say they are. Their works tell on them. I question the Osteen's, Schulers, Warrens now more than ever with these decisions. I don't agree with some of the stuff that Hagee says in San Antonio but I know he knows we do not serve the same God. He knows that Israel is important to God. His beliefs on gifts may be different but the basics, I see him having down. He was also the only preacher whom I ever heard say that God used Hitler to drive the Jews back to Israel. This meant that Hagee must understand that God is truly sovereign. He got torn apart for that in the press and McCain distanced himself from Hagee when he found that out.

Just throwing this out there to you. These men at the very least have been hiding in cave concerning Islam or at the worst they are not saved and being used by Satan to further their own interests. Possibly money interest, a lot of money out there from Muslims available.

Again, I am seeing more and more proof that Islam is a major part of the apostate church of the end times. Some type of unholy alliance between Islam, the catholic church and universalism seems to be growing faster and faster.


Friday, July 29, 2011


Two California towns are banning circumcision at their hospitals. This is going against true medical science but it is also showing a hatred against the Bible's putting forth of circumcision for infants.

It is a known fact that cancer of the penis has a much higher incidence in uncircumcised males. This is thought to be due primarily to the accumulation of smegma, a paste of bacteria and dead cells trapped under the foreskin. In some countries penis cancer is 70% higher in males who have not been circumcised. The American Academy of Pediatrics in 1975 stated that circumcision is an effective method of preventing cancer. Some pediatricians today feel that good hygiene under the foreskin can result in the same low cancer rate as the circumcised but the practice is still advised because of poor hygiene with most men.

God instructed circumcision to take place on the eighth day. Why the eighth day? The ancients did not know it but that is the day when vitamin K is at the peak in the infant male after birth. Vitamin K is a blood-clotting factor which is called prothrombin. This assures the infant will not bleed excessively after the procedure. To show that the Bible is in line with medical science many doctors administer vitamin K (Aqua Mephyton) which helps clotting. Since 1953 all medical textbooks have recommended circumcision or administering vitamin K for the new infant.

In the OT what was used for performing circumcision that made it safe? A flint knife was used because, when it was broken off, the inside of the flint was "pure" because it had not been exposed to the outside elements. This was perfect for cutting and not passing on germs.

While many peoples of the Middle East performed circumcision, it was the Jews who got the practice down to a fine science, sparing their males from disease that caused others to be infected.

Thus, God is the Ultimate Healer and the Ultimate Preventer. He knows what He is doing! (Bib Sac, July 1990) -- Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


This is the first time I have seen an article on the Messiah referred to in the Jerusalem Post (The July 2011 edition). However, this is not quite right! The fairly recent article about the passing of the Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kolleck said before he died there would be no world peace until the Messiah came. He believed the Jews must repent in order to be blessed with His arrival. I was blessed to have three meetings with him. What a great man! I met him alone in Dallas and twice in his office in Jerusalem! He was sincere and a great Jewish leader who guided the Jewish people in near perfection!

The most recent article in the Jerusalem Post was entitled "Guided by the Messiah." It quoted the great Jewish sage Maimonides who formulated the thirteen doctrinal beliefs, including the one that said: "I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah; and even though He may tarry, nevertheless I anxiously await Him every day."

The belief in the Messiah remains one of the deepest sources of national resilience for the Jewish people. Explicit Torah (Law) sources about the Messiah are to be found in only three places: (1) God's election of Abraham, (2) Jacob's final blessings to his sons, and (3) most specifically, in the words of the Gentile prophet Balaam in Numbers 24:17. The name Messiah refers to a king anointed with sacred oil. It is first mentioned in Psalm 2. The Messiah will wield His scepter of rulership during the time of Shiloh when all the nations surround Him as mentioned in Genesis 49:8-11. - Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is factual—at Costco they are selling HALAL processed chickens which means they have been processed by Muslim butchers who have to face Mecca and call out "Allah Akbar," facing the black stone of that city which is dedicated to demonology. This has to do with spiritual worship and not simply a process of how they kill chickens.

This is about idol worship and is not like buying Chinese food which is just ethnic in nature. We are in deep trouble and it's not going to change—it will only get worse! Some have suggested "Stop buying at Costco!" - Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


There are more and more Hindu temples being built in this country. Paganism is spreading its way here to us! It is impossible to mix Hinduism with Christianity. But since Christians are dying away, we will soon be a minority before we know it. And all things Christian will be gone before we know it. This is because of the failure of Christianity in our nation. We've lost it. We've squandered our spiritual heritage. Good bye Christian America! - Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I just finished reading Dr. Couch's excellent book "The Birth of the Nation of Israel." This is the first time I have found so much information in such a convenient and beautifully made book. Dr. Couch, you must have your own bindery because the quality and physical execution of this volume is really an expression of excellence and love! … Thank you, whoever makes the book, and thanks to Dr. Couch for this great material about a people who are dear to me and often in my prayers.

Enclosed is a check for another copy to be sent to the address above. Thank you in advance. I think the Lord likes this book! I think it will be one of the resources we will all cherish forever! --V P

Dear VP. We use Logan Graphics of Arlington, TX for our book production. They do an excellent job and we're very proud of the production qualities they put into the volumes. Thanks for the comments. Dr. Mal Couch

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our national debt stands at 120 Trillion and climbing. Our people are ignorant with minorities who have their hand out for the free entitlements. The collapse is coming soon! This is a judgment from God. Governor Rick Perry is calling for repentance but the people are rejecting that. While the blame goes to the President and the Congress, it is ultimately the fault of the people who want just fun and games and are Calvin-istically irresponsible. In my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, there is no turning back.

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The city of Tel Aviv is becoming the center of the gay and lesbian movement in Israel, and maybe even in all of the Middle East. What a shock and a sadness that the Holy Land would be so demeaned before the world! The city is wide open with facilities for the movement. There is networking among the homosexuals and plenty to do that satisfies their weekend fun and games! It has been said that "Gay tourism in Tel Aviv is growing, and it will continue to grow." Hotels are going along with the visitors to make their stay comfortable throughout the city.

The city is doing all it can to attract this segment of people and so is the Tourism Agency. The majority of those coming from over seas comes from Western Europe and America. It is predicted that in time the flood of gays will make Jerusalem the center of their activities, and, the book of Revelations seems to predict the same. During the tribulation it is predicted that Jerusalem will be known "in a mystical sense" to be called Sodom and Egypt (Rev. 11:8). Egypt was known to be one of the most pagan countries in biblical times, and Sodom was the homosexual city during the times of the book of Genesis. In other words, many of the Jewish people during the seven year tribulation will be some of the most sinful of all living during that period of the rebellion against God! Jerusalem will be the center of those people! - Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Sunday, July 17, 2011


It is happening so fast we can't keep up with it! Our churches, mainly liberal churches but not totally so, are doing crazy things that demonstrate that they have completely bought into a liberal agenda and are leading their people into total error!

Congregational, Methodist, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches are spending time supporting Islam and asking their people to read the Koran. We cannot figure out what their agenda is all about. Why would they move in this direction and bring their flocks into such false religions? They are denying the exclusivity of Christ, and as well, they are denying the inspiration of Scripture.

Many denominations are urging their pastors to read portions of the Koran each Sunday. This amounts to "spiritual treason" some have argued. They are not doing this simply for information but they are doing it for spiritual enlightenment! No wonder the main line denominations are shrinking! It must be remembered that most of these pastors have received poor seminary training, with almost no doctrinal guidance. It may be also that they are just plain lost—they are not born again. Some have called this "the Religious Trojan Horse" leading people away from the truth.

If this is happening to your church, let us know! Some have called this movement CHRISLAM! We are told that some 300 pastors have signed letters saying that this could bring about world peace recognizing Allah and Yahweh as the same God! Of course this is not true. 136 Muslim leaders, along with some so-called Evangelical leaders (such as McLaren, Warren, Schuller, and Hybels), have joined in signing a positive letter for this movement. -- Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Our governor Rick Perry is calling for a Day of Prayer and Fasting on August 6. The atheists are coming after him and suing over the issue. Thank God for the Governor doing this. I believe this is why we are being “burned” up with heat. It's a judgment upon us from the evil minded people who have no appreciation and honor given to God for His blessings. Please send an email for support to Perry. Go to this webpage to send him an email: Official Contact Page for Governor Perry

Here is his mailing address: Office of the Governor, P.O. Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Rick Perry Faces Federal Lawsuit Over Day of Prayer

July 13, 2011 7:06 PM

ABC News’ Arlette Saenz and Gina Sunseri report:

Texas Governor Rick Perry is facing a federal lawsuit as a state/church watchdog group consisting of atheists and agnostics attempts to block his involvement in the Day of Prayer and Fasting organized for Aug 6.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a watchdog group consisting of 16,600 members, filed a federal lawsuit in the Southern District Court of Texas to keep the religious event from occurring, arguing it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

The legal complaint says the plaintiffs are “nonbelievers who support the free exercise of religion, but strongly oppose the governmental establishment and endorsement of religion, including prayer and fasting, which are not only an ineffectual use of time and government resources, but which can be harmful or counterproductive as a substitute for reasoned action.”

Perry released a video for the event, officially called “The Response,” earlier this week, calling on Americans to “make plans to be part of something even bigger than Texas.”

"Gov. Perry is looking forward to the Aug. 6th prayer event. He believes it will serve as an important opportunity for Americans to gather together and pray to God, seeking his wisdom and guidance as our nation navigates the challenges before it,” Catherine Frazier, deputy press secretary for Perry, told ABC News.

"We expected this kind of legal harassment, but the right of Americans to assemble and pray has been established for over 200 years. We are confident we will be victorious,” Eric Bearse, spokesman for The Response, told ABC News.

Perry has invited President Obama, the nation’s governors and religious leaders to join in the event at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas on Aug. 6. More than 6,000 participants have registered thus far.


The United Methodist Church now has some pastors rising up protesting the gay-marriage thing in their church. I would ask "Where were they years ago when all of this began?" They are a little "too little – too late." Denominations move like elephants looking for grass. The evil agenda came along long ago but no one in that church said anything at the beginning. And they now wonder, "What happened?"

Where are the Bible teachers, the exegetes, who should have spoken from the Word of God long ago? Christianity has lost its voice. It is impotent and quiet and has nothing to say (until it's too late) about the evil creeping into their tent!

By the way, I have had several graduates from the "big" seminary in Dallas telling me that they cannot "exegete" that is teach the full will of God from the Scriptures. They are unable to explain the Bible and help people see what it's saying. The men coming out from there are receiving less and less of the Word of God, especially from the biblical languages. Yesterday I was thrilled translating from the OT Hebrew some great passages of the Bible. Those more recent grads admit that they could not do that. They no longer receive the graduate hours that would make it possible for them to do quality translation work.

By the way, the fault is not totally with the denominations nor the schools, the students have become lazy. They do not want to do all that heavy translation work. The students are perfectly willing to receive a degree in theology but not pay the price of the language efforts.

"Please Lord, help our foolishness!" We are moving away from your Word. It is doubtful if we will ever turn it back!

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Governor Rick Perry calls for America to fall on its knees in prayer and contrition for its sins. And he's dead right. The nation is under a judgment and needs repentance and prayer to get right with God! While many criticize Perry, he may be the best we have as a candidate for President. And, he is not afraid to state his belief in the Lord.

Some note that John MacArthur says we are under a judgment from God. He's rather late. I have been saying this for over one year. But I am not expecting the nation to turn around because it has no biblical base for turning to Him. No one knows the Bible. It has been removed from the public meeting place. If you have been reading me, you know I've been saying these things almost weekly.

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Monday, July 11, 2011


Sometimes we forget how spiritual the Old Testament is with its many blessings. We think only the New Testament has spiritual truth. But this is not so. Some of the shortest chapters in the Bible give us strong spiritual words of encouragement. Take a look at Psalm 131, 133, and 134.

Psalm 131 reminds us of humility. Psalm 133 speaks about brotherly kindness and fellowship. And Psalm 134 reminds us of the blessings of the coming kingdom of the Messiah. All three Psalms are just three verses long!

These Psalms are called "Songs of Ascent" or "The Psalms of Going Up," that is, going up to Jerusalem. The Rabbis write about them: "They are literary gems of exquisite beauty and surpassing spirituality." We are not told why these verses are written. They are the compositions of King David! When David began to write he said: "I will be more lightly esteemed than this and will be humble in my own eyes. … I will celebrate before the Lord" (2 Sam. 6:21-22).

David did not want his heart and his eyes to be haughty and lofty (131:1). He did not want to "exercise himself in things too great, or in things too wonderful for himself" (v. 1b). He wanted to write about basic and simple things, things that were spiritual in nature but not too complicated!

David wanted his soul to be quieted and still (v. 2). He wanted his soul to be like a weaned child. When he said he did not want to exercise himself in things too great, he meant that he did not want to "walk about" in high and mighty ideas (v. 1b).

"Forever," David wants to continually "hope in the Lord" (v. 3). The Rabbis add that he wanted to be "waiting continually and submissively for God to guide his destiny" (v. 3b). The Rabbis go on: David the poet "avows that ambitious thoughts had entered his mind, but he had damped down their fire so that he enjoys an inner serenity and content. … David must have written this Psalm in his early life when he was a shepherd."

David says that it is good "and pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity" (133:1). It is like pouring precious olive oil over the head. It drips down from the top of the head, down upon the beard, "Even Aaron's head" (the High Priest), down upon the collar of his garments (v. 2). The hot sun blistered the top of the head, the face, and the shoulders. Thus, olive oil was used like a sun-tan oil that soothed the skin. Olive oil was a blessing. It was used for cooking and for healing the skin when it is burned! It was also used, as the Rabbis note, for anointing and consecrating the High Pries (Exod. 29:7). The word "consecrating" means to treat as holy. The High Priest represented God to the people, and represented the people to God.

The effects of relating to each other, being like-minded, was like living together where the fellowship "spread throughout the nation" (v. 2). The pouring of the oil was like the dew of Mount Hermon, that watered the mountains of Zion down the river Jordan. The dew and the rain blessed the valley below. The snows and rains on Hermon gushed down the Jordan and watered the fields down-river (v. 3). The Rabbis say: "The dew of Hermon is a phrase denoting exceedingly heavy dew; and as such moisture proves beneficial to the vegetation on the slopes of these hills, so will the dwelling together of the Jews be of great benefit to them in the land."

The Rabbis add: "Hermon is noted for the abundance of the dew that falls on it slopes. This dew gives fertility to the soil; and similarly the ideal which the Psalm extols will invigorate the whole people" of the Jews.

The Jews, who are God's servants, are to "bless the Lord that stand in the house of the Lord in the night seasons" (134:1). The Rabbis note that the Levites were to minister to the Lord in their work "day and night" (v. 1b). "They are exhorted to fill the night with prayer as well as watchfulness, and to let their hearts go up in blessing to God." "Their voice of praise should echo through the silent night and float over the sleeping city."

The Jews were expressive in their praise. They were "to lift up their hands to the sanctuary (the temple), and bless the Lord" (v. 2). The "lifting of the hands" is an expression of holding up the hands waiting for the Lord to bestow His goodness to His servants. The "Sanctuary" is more than the temple, it refers to lifting up the hands towards the Holy of Holies.

The Lord in turn "blesses them out of Zion; even He that made heaven and earth" (v. 3). This will not fully come until the Kingdom arrives. The messianic Kingdom rule goes beyond the land of Israel. It is also about the fact that the God who will reign someday is the One who created the entire universe! The Lord God is no small God! He is the One who owns it all. He made the world and all that is in it. We cannot speak of the God of the Scriptures without thinking of His greatness and of all that He has done!

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Since the death of Osama bin Laden, there is an open threat to churches that terrorists may strike in order to kill Christians. This warning is real and comes from the Florida Security Council from Steve Amundson of that agency. Christians are urged to stay alert and they should have an emergency plan in churches to expect an attack, and to have a plan ready to put in operation. People in churches are urged not to walk around as if all is okay; it is not! Be vigilant!

Church boards are urged to pass out letters of permission for those with weapons licenses that they may carry their protection weapons in the assembly.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Scofield Ministries is holding a Conference with important and well-known teachers on WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE CHURCH IN TROUBLED TIMES? The Conference will be held at the Walvoord Conference Center in Clifton, TX at a selected date toward the end of September. The Conference will focus on:

The Church in troubled times.

The needed support for the nation of Israel.

The danger to America from Islam.

A return to Pulpit Exegesis.

A needed Church Doctrinal Statement.

Preparing the People for Troubled Times ahead.

The New Face of Evangelism in our day.

Reaching the New Generation.

Pastors are invited to attend and join the speakers, possibly including: Dr. Andy Woods, Dr. Tom McCall, Dr. Mal Couch, and others. Meals will be provided. While this is not definite, the session will possibly run from Thursday evening to Saturday morning (Sept. 22-24). The final dates will be decided in the next week or two. By reservation only. Limited space. [Those attending will be given a gift of important books.] Let us know of your interest: (

Monday, July 4, 2011


Those who deny the doctrine of Depravity are foolish and have not read their Bible. The doctrine was not invented by Calvin but only brought forward and systematized by him. History tells us that this doctrine really impacted the American Founding Fathers. That is why they developed the three branches of government because they realized that because of the sinfulness of man, there needed to be checks and balances in the system of running the nation.

There are many verses that point out depravity, such as 1 Corinthians 2:14. Paul writes "a natural man (the lost) does not receive the things of the Spirit of God; for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because (those things) are spiritually understood." "Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God" (v. 11b).

Christ spoke almost the same thing in John 14:17. "The Spirit of truth the world cannot receive because it does not behold Him or know Him ..."

-- Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Whoever controls the language controls the culture. Watch how they put new words on you and make you re-define language. They call women soldier-etts heroes not heroines. They call those who bring you your food servers not waitresses. It's waiters and waitresses. Server is a neutral word. Cock pit has been changed to Flight deck. Webster's says Cock Pit is "the enclosed space at the front of the airplane with the instruments and where the pilot sits." All such changes are to placate the women.

More and more conservative talk-show hosts speak about the "Brave men and women" who fight for their country. The women are not supposed to be on the front lines. Someone is fooling us! I thought the women were kept from combat! I don't want a little girl, a mother or a wife, who has only 50% of the strength of a man fighting for me! Men are to fight for the women!

If you are a younger Christian you have fallen into the trap—you have been brainwashed. You need to get the objective book "Co-Ed Combat" by Kingsley Browne. You'll get an eye full. I will not let the culture rule me! You can—but not me!

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)