Saturday, July 30, 2011

CHRISLAM: The Mixing of Christianity and Islam

Dr. Couch,

I am hearing more and more of this idea of Chrislam. People like Rick Warren and the guy with the glass cathedral, Schuler are bending over backwards to include Islam in their services or going to their Mosques to talk to them. They seem to think as Bush said, that we worship the same God. What planet are these people on? The attributes of each are opposite. How can you fellowship with a group that flat out says Jesus is not the Son of God if you believe He is? I am more and more convinced that people who do this may not be saved as they say they are. Their works tell on them. I question the Osteen's, Schulers, Warrens now more than ever with these decisions. I don't agree with some of the stuff that Hagee says in San Antonio but I know he knows we do not serve the same God. He knows that Israel is important to God. His beliefs on gifts may be different but the basics, I see him having down. He was also the only preacher whom I ever heard say that God used Hitler to drive the Jews back to Israel. This meant that Hagee must understand that God is truly sovereign. He got torn apart for that in the press and McCain distanced himself from Hagee when he found that out.

Just throwing this out there to you. These men at the very least have been hiding in cave concerning Islam or at the worst they are not saved and being used by Satan to further their own interests. Possibly money interest, a lot of money out there from Muslims available.

Again, I am seeing more and more proof that Islam is a major part of the apostate church of the end times. Some type of unholy alliance between Islam, the catholic church and universalism seems to be growing faster and faster.