Monday, September 28, 2009


It is almost cultish to try to argue that water baptism is necessary for salvation. But those who are the weakest in the faith, and who do not know exactly what the Bible is teaching about salvation, always use water baptism to finish in their thinking the work of redemption.

   Now the apostle Paul makes it absolutely clear in 1 Corinthians 1:12-17 that water baptism is not a part of the gospel. He says "Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel ..." Paul had trouble remembering who he baptized in Corinth. While it is a good sign of the cleansing work of salvation, it does not save.

   In Acts 10:43-47 it is clear that one simply believes to receive forgiveness of sins (v. 43), then the Holy Spirit fell on all those who heard Peter's words, then they began to speak with languages (v. 46), and, then it was said that they could be baptized in water (v. 47). Baptism came last after they had believed and received the Holy Spirit!

   Here are some verses the cults use to try to support water baptism for salvation:

   (Acts 22:16) The Greek text reads in regard to the salvation of Paul: "Having arisen, and to be yourself baptized, and to wash away yourself your sins, having yourself called [on] the name of Him."

   Paul uses what is called the Middle Voices in these verbs, that is why we translate them with "yourself." The great old Greek grammarians Dana & Mantey prefer: "get yourself baptized," and "get yourself washed."

   Then a Middle Participle is used: "having yourself called [on] the name of Him." The baptism and the washing is but a picture, the main force in the verse is "having yourself called on His name." This is what truly saves! The calling upon His name!

   Ellicott rightly points out that this is related to the "bath of regeneration" from Titus 3:5-6. "We are saved according to His mercy, by the bath (washing) of regeneration and/even the renewing (remaking) by the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior." This is not water baptism but the baptism of the Holy Spirit!

   (Hebrews 10:22) "Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water." How do we literally have our hearts "sprinkled" from an evil conscience? This clearly is a picture, a type, a symbol! We do not sprinkle our pumping heart with water in order to be saved! And if I could somehow throw water on my heart, how would that cleanse my heart from an evil conscience?

   What if the washing of our bodies is not done with pure water? What kind of water can I use? How would that save me spiritually, that is, the pouring of water on my body?

   Ellicott makes sure we understand that this verse is symbolic. He correctly writes: "Sprinkled from an evil conscience, that is, freed by means of the sprinkling from a conscience defiled by guilt. In the last words there is a CLEAR ALLUSION TO BAPTISM as the SYMBOL of the new life of purity (Eph. 5:26; Titus 3:5; 1 Pet. 3:21)."

   The cult guys speak out of both sides of their mouths. They say: "Although water baptism does not of and by itself forgive our transgressions of God's law, it remains one of the required steps in the salvation process." You cannot have it both ways! It either saves or it does not!

   (Mark 16:16) "He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned." Ellicott says: "There is no 'and not baptized' in the second clause here. Unbelief—by which is meant the rejection of the gospel in heart and life, not weakness or doubt as in verse 14—shall condemn a man, whether baptized or unbaptized. And, conversely, it follows that our Lord does not set forth here the absolute, but only the general necessity of baptism to salvation; as the Church of England also teaches. But that general necessity extends to all to whom baptism is accessible."

   The sin of unbelief is the most compelling issue in the passage, and not the issue of baptism! – Dr. Mal Couch   

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Comparison Between Israel and the Church

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I never thought I would argue for such, but I have changed my mind, at least temporarily! We have no political voice—those of us who are believers in Christ, and who are conservative. The Muslims have dozens of organizations, associations, foundations, by which they influence media, government, etc. But Evangelicals seem to be silent and have no concerted voice that speaks for us in the market place!

   We need (1) lawyers, (2) researchers, (3) theologians, (4) pastors, (5) businessmen, etc. But more importantly, we need a group of just plain concerned and spiritual Christians who will take time to work, to promote, organize, in order to let the world know that we are standing on the Word of God, and applying it to the affairs of our nation!

   The Muslims, liberals, and radicals, have such organizations, but we are silent. Who will grab the ball and punt in order to get such an organization started? – Dr. Mal Couch

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We have heard that September 25th is Islamic Day of Prayer at the White House! Is this a joke? Are we all dreaming? – Dr. Mal Couch

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Letter of Appreciation

Dr. Couch, I used to be one of your students. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your continued friendship and support in all things. It is a real delight to be able to correspond with you. These are difficult times we live in and your wisdom is sorely appreciated!


  • President Barack Hussein Obama struck down an order that prevented the U.S. government from paying for abortions worldwide.
  • He declared June 2009 as "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month." .He bragged that he is the first President to appoint senate-confirmed gay positions "in the first 100 days of my administration."
  • He called the Muslim book "The holy Qur'an." .He added, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation."
  • He bragged with pride about the 1,200 mosques in the U.S. .He announced that the White House would not observe the National Day of Prayer. .He is pushing for Israel to give up more of their Holy Land to the Palestinians.
  • He is silent on the suicide murdering bombers among the Palestinians who have killed thousands of Jews!

But some good news: In June, over 100 people immigrated to Israel. Some 3,000 more English speaking Jews will arrive soon in the Holy Land! Immigration has jumped by more than 50% this year. God is calling His own home despite the apostasy that is taking place in our own country, led by our own President who promised us what we would get: Change, change, and more change! And boy, was he right! – Dr. Mal Couch (September 2009)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Brian McLaren has joined with the Muslims in celebrating Ramadan. He is fasting with the Islamic rite "to promote the common good together with people of other faith traditions." However, he is not asking for the salvation of the Muslims! We should not be surprised at this. The apostasy is here, just as I said it would be!

   Also, we are now into the full blown feminization of the church, just as I also predicted! As reported by Barna, the liberal churches have almost doubled their senior women pastors in their pulpits. Too, they are going into the churches with more education than the men. 63% of the pastors have seminary degrees while 77% of the women pastorettes do.

   I predict that within five years we will have more women in the pulpits than men. I know for a fact, that on the whole, even the liberal churches, who are supposed to be more open than conservative churches, are not happy with the pastorettes. Some of them only stay for six months or less. This is not surprising. This will bring on more cultism and less doctrine being taught. And more and more people will be leaving the liberal churches. By the way, what happens in the liberal churches will spill over to conservative churches. – Dr. Mal Couch

(September 2009)

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The House in Congress just passed a twenty million dollar bill to aid so-called Palestinian refugees. More than likely this means bringing them to the U.S. where we will support them. They will vote Democratic and stand behind Barack Hussein Obama. This will weaken our support for Israel. Remember, there is no such thing as Palestinian refugees. There never was a Palestinian nation, and the Jews did not drive them out of the land. They left on their own accord so that the Arab forces of the 1948 war could drive the Jews into the sea and restore the Palestinians to a land that never was theirs!

   But the Jews were victorious and the Arabs have no intention of living peacefully with the Jews. They want all of the land that does not belong to them. God gave the title-deed to the land to the Jews from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob, and the twelve tribes. While most of the Jews are now in the land in unbelief, God is going to change that! The Jews have started believing in Christ and this will speed up!

   This is a sad day but one we've been expecting. Most Americans just don't get it! – Dr. Mal Couch

(September 2009)

Friday, September 11, 2009


A 1934 cartoon in the newspapers at that time show the government spending, spending, and spending. A small caption at the bottom notes: “This is what communist Russia did also.”

Many people know that in a democracy the people have the right, and the privilege, to struggle to the top. When the government gives everything away, the people will in time be enslaved. I wonder why more don’t know this very simple fact.

This is my great concern with all of the illegal foreigners who sneak into this country. In their breaking our laws, they do not understand democracy, and, they come to this nation for the freeby give-aways! Because they are slowly becoming a majority, there is no way to turn back this destruction. It is a judgment of God, and it has spiritual components. Everything that takes place has a spiritual aspect to it, but unfortunately, many Christians don’t see it that way.

– Dr. Mal Couch
(September 2009)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Are you watching what is happening on television lately? Almost all of the news anchor people are women. And most of them are blonds! Too, when interviewing a family about some issue, the ones spoken to most often are mothers, not the fathers! Women are doing everything! Men are expendable. There is an agenda afoot! And it is destroying the influence of men in our culture.

   Recently, at the national meeting of the liberal Lutheran Church (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) held in Minneapolis, women dominated the discussions that pushed through the additional placing of lesbian pastors, homosexuals, and women bishops in the denomination. On key committees, the rule is that there must be 50% of women on the various boards. On one pastoral committee there was only one male pastor represented. 

   One cannot simply blame the women. The men in their foolishness opened the door for such change. One of the great faults of men is: that if the women will take charge, the men will let them do so! The Bible is no longer held up as the authoritative guide in spiritual matters. Thus, male leadership is put on the shelf.

   This is a guaranteed promise—there will be no reversal of what is taking place without some sort of catastrophe in our culture and society. We are facing a final judgment like never before!

   The Major prophets write about the destruction of both Israel and Judah as God's judgment coming over the horizon on these two nations. Women began to take the leadership, both in the family, and in religious worship. This brought about a strong judgment of God.

   With the national disintegration of Jerusalem and Judah, because of gross wickedness, God pronounced terrible destruction that would fall upon the people. The Lord said: "O My people! Their oppressors are children. And women rule over them. ... Those who guide you astray, and confuse the direction of your paths" (Isa. 3:12). In the future, when the Branch, the Messiah reigns, Isaiah prophesied that "seven women will take hold of one man in that day, saying, 'We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach'" (4:1). Women will suffer during the tribulation and long for the men to come forward in order to save them!

   Toward the end of the tribulation, just before the Lord returns, the protected cities will be isolated, the homes forsaken, and tree branches that could have produced food will be cut down (27:10). Foolish women, without "discernment" will dry broken limbs for firewood. The "women will make fires with the dried limbs, ... and their Maker [the Lord] will not have compassion on them" (v. 11). He "will not be gracious to them."

   Before the Kingdom begins with the Messiah reigning, the women will be lazy and foolish, they will not be listening to the Lord (32:9-16). "They will be at ease, complacent, and also troubled. They will tremble and will put on mourning sackcloth. ... the land will have thorns and briars, 'Until the Spirit is poured out upon us from on high, and the wilderness becomes a fertile field. ... Then justice will dwell in the wilderness.'"

   In the first message of Jeremiah to apostate Judah, the women are judged. "The wicked women will have taught their ways" [to others] (Jer. 2:33). Their skirts will be smeared with blood, and the people will cry out, "We are innocent!" (v. 35). "Surely God will turn away His anger" (v. 35b). They will foolishly argue: "We have not sinned" (v. 35c).

   Just before Jerusalem was judged by the coming of the Babylonians, sin, even death, had entered into the homes ("by way of the windows") (9:21). The women mourned and wailed because of how they had wrongly influenced the men and the children (v. 17-18). "How we are ruined ... our dwellings ("our houses") are thrown down" (v. 19). Because of sin their daughters needed to learn how to wail and cry (v. 20). Because of their sin, their children who played in the streets will die, and the young men will perish (v. 21).

   The husbands are not innocent. Like in our present day, they are allowing or even encouraging their wives to sin religiously. Some husbands even seem to be promoting feminism! We read: "Then all the men who were aware that their wives were burning sacrifices to other gods, along with all the women who were standing by, as a large assembly, [rebelled against Jeremiah, saying], 'We are not going to listen to you!'" (44:15-16). Instead, the women would continue to burn sacrifices TO THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN and pour out libations to her, just as "our forefathers had done." The women then added: "When we were burning sacrifices to the queen of heaven, ... was it without our husbands that we made for her sacrificial cakes in her image and poured out libations to her?" (v. 19). Jeremiah answered: "The Lord was no longer able to endure your abominations which you have committed" (v. 22). "You have sinned against the Lord!" (v. 23).

   In Ezekiel, the people said "The Lord does not see our sins" (Ezek. 9:12). The women sit and weep for the god Tammuz," the god of vegetation (v. 14). "Woe to the women who sew magic bands on all wrists" as good luck charms (13:18). The women see false visions and practice divination. But God will someday deliver the people out of the hands of these evil women. "Thus you will know that I am the Lord" (v. 23).

   The evil people in Ezekiel's day caused their sons to pass through the fires as a sign of worship to their false gods (23:36-37). They profaned the temple and the Sabbaths by killing their children for sacrifices (vv. 38-39). The women sent for foreigners to have sex with (vv. 40-41). They "bathed, painted their eyes, and decorated themselves with ornaments" (v. 40). They sat on "splendid couches and burned incense" (v. 41). The women apparently had sex with many and became drunk, put on bracelets and beautiful crowns (v. 42). The men went into the women as harlots, as lewd women (v. 44). The women "shed blood, because they are adulteresses and blood was on their hands" (v. 45).

   As judgment fell on Israel in the OT, the men became soft and acted like women. And as well, they gave in to the women to allow them to rule. God would bring judgment: "The gates of your land will be opened wide to your enemies, and fire will consume the bars of your gates (Nahum 3:13b), because "Behold, your people are [become like] women in your midst" (v. 13a). FEMINISM reigned and ruled, bringing judgment upon the nation of Israel!
– Dr. Mal Couch
(September 2009)      

Thursday, September 3, 2009


   The announcement of a new project involving the New International Version of the Bible [NIV] is certain to attract a good deal of interest, both in the media and throughout the evangelical world. This level of attention is inevitable, for few issues can approach the importance of translating the Bible faithfully and accurately.

   The announcement of a new NIV update will attract special attention because of the controversy that surrounded the publication and release of what became known as the TNIV, or Today's New International Version, announced in 2002. As is now well-known, the release of the TNIV led to a firestorm of controversy among evangelicals. Even as supporters of the TNIV declared the translation to be superior to previous contemporary English translations in terms of "gender accuracy," others saw the new translation as hopelessly accommodated to contemporary concerns about gender.

   The controversy over the TNIV was heated and uncomfortable, but inevitable. Those of us who saw the translation as deficient and misguided in its claim to and application of "gender accuracy" responded to the new translation with alarm and deep concern. The issues of primary concern with the release of the TNIV remain. These issues include, but are not limited to, matters of gender reference.

   As many of us made clear at the time of the TNIV's announcement and release, the issues with this translation had to do with translation decisions that we were convinced did not produce "gender accuracy," but lamentable inaccuracy. The rigorous application of these decisions produced a translation that was not only problematic in terms of direct and indirect gender references, but also in its confusion of crucial texts with messianic significance.

   The announcement by Biblica (formerly known as the International Bible Society), the Committee on Bible Translation, and Zondervan comes as the world of English Bible translations has been transformed, even in the brief years since 2002. The joint release indicates that this new translation will be known as the NIV, even though it will be based on the TNIV as it has been edited even since publication. This is a significant departure from the earlier promise to "freeze" the NIV translation in order to protect it from controversy. This decision had been a defensive move taken by the publisher and its partners as controversy threatened to cause significant harm to the reputation of the NIV. As far back as 1997 an effort to revise the NIV was met with intense concern related to the use of "inclusive language."

   The issues of concern related to the TNIV remain. For the sake of the Gospel, we must hope and pray that we do not confront these same issues in the updated NIV. At the same time, we must avoid reckless talk. Even where we must disagree, we must recognize that everyone involved in this discussion will face the judgment of God for how this disagreement is conducted.

   Today's decision indicates that the NIV will be now be "unfrozen." But now the NIV partners have acted openly and honestly to announce their intention. One of the most lamentable aspects of the earlier controversy over the TNIV had to do with what were clearly understood to be broken promises related to the NIV.

   The "unfreezing" of the NIV is inevitable. Evangelicals must be committed to the translation of the Bible into the vernacular language of contemporary people. No translation, no matter how worthy, can remain static and unchanged without the consequence of becoming dated and increasingly out of touch with the development of language. The "unfreezing" of the NIV has now been announced in a way that is respectful and honest.

   Maureen (Moe) Gerkins, president of Zondervan, along with representatives of Biblica and the Committee on Bible Translation, have approached this new project and update with the stated determination to revisit controversial translation issues related to the TNIV and to consider all the concerns raised in that process. She has demonstrated integrity in discussing these issues openly and honestly. She, along with Zondervan's partners, has promised an openness to these concerns. They have not promised to change their translation philosophy. Their straightforwardness on this is commendable, even where we may find ourselves in disagreement over these decisions and the underlying translation philosophy.

   The controversy over the TNIV divided the evangelical community. Regrettably, in many cases the controversy produced more heat than light. Nevertheless, this was not always the case. This controversy brought strategic attention to crucial questions related, not only to the NIV family of translations, but to the entire project of translating the Bible into the English language. Furthermore, the controversy was directed to very real disagreements about the meaning of gender and language. These are issues of great theological, biblical, pastoral, and moral importance.

   Behind the most recent controversies there remains the larger question of translation philosophy, often conceptualized in the distinction between more formal translations and translations that are more dynamic. Even as I recognize a spectrum between formal and dynamic approaches, my strong preference, based in theological and biblical considerations, is for a translation that is committed to formal equivalence as the primary goal.

   In the end, the update of the NIV to be released in 2011 will have to stand on its own. Those of us who have had significant concerns with the TNIV should communicate these concerns respectfully, candidly, and directly to the Committee on Bible Translation, to Zondervan, and to Biblica. When released, the updated NIV will deserve and require the attentive study and review of all committed evangelicals. We must hope and pray that this updated NIV will be found both faithful and useful. For now, the decisions that will determine the faithfulness and usefulness of this updated edition are in the hands of the Committee on Bible Translation. We must all pray that their work will produce an updated translation we can greet with appreciation and trust. We must take the members of the Committee on Bible Translation at their word that they will consider these concerns. To fail to pray and to act in this way will be to fail at a basic Christian commitment. The issue is not only the integrity of a Bible translation, but our integrity as Christians.

   And so we hope.  And so we pray.  And so we wait.

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Sept. 1: President Obama introduces college basketball player Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir at a dinner celebrating Ramadan in the State Dining Room at the White House.

   WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Tuesday praised American Muslims for enriching the nation's culture at a dinner to celebrate the Islamic holy month  of Ramadan.

   "The contribution of Muslims to the United States are too long to catalog because Muslims are so interwoven into the fabric of our communities and our country," Obama said at the iftar, the dinner that breaks the holiday's daily  fast.

   The president joined Cabinet secretaries, members of the diplomatic corps and lawmakers to pay tribute to what he called "a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress."

   Attendees included Congress' two Muslim members -- Reps. Keith Ellison and Andre Carson as well as ambassadors from Islamic nations and Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren.

   Obama shared the story of Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, another invited guest, who broke a state record for most career points as a Massachusetts high school student.

   "As an honor student, as an athlete on her way to Memphis, Bilqis is an inspiration not simply to Muslim girls -- she's an inspiration to all of us," he said.

   Obama also noted the contributions of Muhammad Ali, who was not in attendance, though the president borrowed a quote from famous boxer, explaining religion.

   "A few years ago," Obama said, "he explained this view -- and this is part of why he's The Greatest -- saying, 'Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams -- they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do --  they all contain truths."'

   Ramadan, a month long period of prayer, reflection and sunrise-to-sunset fasts, began Aug. 22 in most of the Islamic world. It is believed that God began revealing the Quran to Muhammad during Ramadan, and the faithful are supposed to spend the month in religious reflection, prayer and remembrance of the poor.

   White House dinners marking the holy month are nothing new. Former President George W. Bush held iftars during his eight years in office.

   Obama has made a special effort since taking office to repair U.S. relations with the world's Muslims, including visits to Turkey and Cairo. In a June speech at the Egyptian capital, as well as in one to another important Muslim
 audience, in Turkey, Obama said: "America is not -- and never will be --  at war with Islam."

   Obama also released a video message to Muslims before the start to Ramadan. In the video, he said Ramadan's rituals are a reminder of the principles Muslims and Christians have in common,including advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.