Friday, July 15, 2011


The United Methodist Church now has some pastors rising up protesting the gay-marriage thing in their church. I would ask "Where were they years ago when all of this began?" They are a little "too little – too late." Denominations move like elephants looking for grass. The evil agenda came along long ago but no one in that church said anything at the beginning. And they now wonder, "What happened?"

Where are the Bible teachers, the exegetes, who should have spoken from the Word of God long ago? Christianity has lost its voice. It is impotent and quiet and has nothing to say (until it's too late) about the evil creeping into their tent!

By the way, I have had several graduates from the "big" seminary in Dallas telling me that they cannot "exegete" that is teach the full will of God from the Scriptures. They are unable to explain the Bible and help people see what it's saying. The men coming out from there are receiving less and less of the Word of God, especially from the biblical languages. Yesterday I was thrilled translating from the OT Hebrew some great passages of the Bible. Those more recent grads admit that they could not do that. They no longer receive the graduate hours that would make it possible for them to do quality translation work.

By the way, the fault is not totally with the denominations nor the schools, the students have become lazy. They do not want to do all that heavy translation work. The students are perfectly willing to receive a degree in theology but not pay the price of the language efforts.

"Please Lord, help our foolishness!" We are moving away from your Word. It is doubtful if we will ever turn it back!

—Dr. Mal Couch (7/11)