Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Why did Barack Hussein Obama send back to England the bust of Winston Church given to George Bush when he was in office? Everyone has asked that question! It has now been revealed why.

   Supposedly, Obama's father was tortured when he was held in prison by the British. Because of this, Obama returned the bust to England. While one can understand his anger, he clearly does not know anything about English history in doing that. This shows that Obama has no knowledge of the blessings, both Christian and secular, that have come from the English people.

   The English have people who have done things that are wrong, but torture has never been a policy of the British government. It is clear that Obama knows nothing of history, nor of all that came forth from the English people at large. The English, the Scotch, and Protestant Irish, blessed the world with missionaries through the generations. English history is one of my side interests. I study almost daily something of the last century in regard to the English people.

   While the fact that his father was tortured, if indeed that happened, I'm sure was something painful to have to consider. But you do not throw away the entire nation because of the sins of a few officers. In my opinion, to return the bust of a very great man, who had nothing to do with his father, is quite foolish. It also shows an attitude of prejudice against whites that is misapplied. This tells us more about our President than anything!

   Dr. Mal Couch (7-10)