Thursday, July 1, 2010


The July issue of The Prophetic Observer is absolutely correct in terms of what it says about American history. The main article (Goodbye WASP=Goodbye U.S.A.) written by Noah Hutchings discusses the founding of America by the European, Anglo-Saxon, Reformation and Puritan leaders who made this nation. They incorporated into the founding strong Reformation and Protestant thinking.

   This is what made America.

   It was not folks from other religions who made this great nation. It was not people who came from Samoa or the Sandwich Islands! Nor people who came from Zimbabwe or Madegascar.

   It was the Anglo-Saxons who came from Europe/England, with Reformation/biblical thinking. They incorporated their theology into the background of what brought America about. Anyone who denies this or does not know these great facts is just downright ignorant! And that is part of our problem today—open and blatant ignorance of history. Our President speaks about the great contributions of the Muslims. "Muslims have made great contributions to America!" he told a Muslim Congress. This is false and a travesty of history. Some may say it is a downright lie and a fabrication of the facts.

  Everyone reading this needs my books "America, The Nations, And Israel" and "This Great Nation."  We are running out of these volumes so you need to act fast!

   Thanks to Noah Hutchings and Larry Spargimino for this excellent July newsletter and for pointing out the contribution of the Anglo-Saxon Reformation folks for being used of God in making America!

   Unfortunately, America is now going the way of other pagan nations. Our country is forgetting its roots. And Christians especially no longer know their great American heritage. We are into an apostasy, a judgment that will only bring this nation down.

   --Dr. Mal Couch (7/10)