Monday, July 5, 2010


Four Christians were arrested in Dearborn, MI. for witnessing to Muslims at an Islamic Fair. They did not pass out tracks or anything else. Islamic Sharia Law says that it is a no,no to witness to Muslims about Jesus. Our freedoms are now being taken away, and our President is part of the growing problem. Sharia Law will be in place before we know it! Thus, we'll have a two-law system in America, one for Muslims and one for everyone else!

   In both of the President's message about Mother's Day and Father's Day, he mentioned about the importance of "two mothers" and "two fathers." This is a clear reference to homosexual parents. Also the Labor Dept. is mandating twelve weeks a year for anyone who is caring for children, including homosexual partners. This will force employees to give such leave to them as caretakers. It is an open way of acknowledging homosexual partnerships by the federal government.