Tuesday, July 6, 2010


A friend of mine and I discuss the idea that amillennialists often speak of the church as a spiritual kingdom. There is no doubt that the coming millennial kingdom will be "spiritual" because it is what God will place here on earth with His Son reigning and ruling over the entire world. But to call the Millennium the same, or to call the church the same is not good theology. It is poor observation as to what the Bible teaches.

   Creation is God's everlasting dominion and kingdom (Dan. 4:34-35), so said Nebuchadnezzar. But our discussion is about the earthly millennial reign of Christ, His one thousand year rule.

   Amillennialists say the present church is that spiritual kingdom but the Word of God does not say that! It is the amillennialists who make that claim. I know what they teach. I have all their systematic theology texts and can spot their errors a mile away! I read the works of Reymond, Shedd, Strong, Hodge, Gill, etc. These men are out to lunch on this issue, though in many other areas they have a lot we can agree on. They allegorize the prophetic word. I don't see how they can do it, but they do!

   Reymond uses the same wording as Progressive Dispensationalists. He writes about the "Already" and the "not yet." He calls this "eschatological dualism." He says, "In one sense the kingdom of God has come; in another sense the kingdom of God is yet to come." In what Bible verse does he get that?

   Reymond writes that "Jesus now is speaking of the kingdom's arrival first in grace and later in judgment with cataclysmic power and great glory." It is true that the kingdom "did arrive" because the king (Christ) was present but the kingdom was not launched and begun because the Jews rejected Him. The kingdom was clearly postponed and will come at the end of the seven year tribulation.

   I don't know why this is complicated or why the amills don't get it! Where does it say that the kingdom is now in place in grace?

   When the kingdom comes it will be spiritual but it is not here yet!
   Dr. Mal Couch (7-10)