Saturday, July 24, 2010


Some years ago we knew a Christian lady who had a BA degree in Home Economics. This was about the time feminism was affecting Christian women. Therefore, she did not want anyone to know that she had such a degree. It was too demeaning to her.

Today, whatever a woman does as a girl is now not enough! Today, little girls are taught to do boy things in order to have value. Softness, caring hearts, just being "Girlie" is disdained! It is insulting because the woman must do what the boys do. The culture has changed the value of being feminine. Girls now have to do what boys do to be of any worth.

   Women are propagandized. For example, a woman cop believes she is as powerful and as strong as a man—and indeed she is not! Christian women, as well as the world, have been brainwashed by Hollywood and the media. Because women can be so emotional, they argue about this issue but to no avail. Women do not realize their value of being a woman! Indeed, the first woman listened to propaganda too! Nothing has changed! To get to the man, Satan first attacks femininity, womanhood, family order—and then he's got the man!  –Dr. Lacy Couch (7/10)