Friday, July 9, 2010


Someone sent me the following in regard to our President Barack Hussein Obama. We as Christians are to respect the Office of President but we do not have to respect the Man! That is why we have "voting" in this country. Please pass this on!

  • I do not share his abortion beliefs.
  • I do not share his radical Marxist's concept of redistribution of wealth.
  • I do not share his views on raising taxes.
  • I do not share his view about America being arrogant.
  • I do not share his view that America is not a Christian nation.
  • I do not share his view that Muslims have made great contributions to America.
  • I do not share his view to reduce our military by 25%.
  • I do not share his views on homosexuality.
  • I do not share his definition on marriage.
  • I do not share his views that Radical Islam is our friend and Israel is our enemy.
  • I do not share his spiritual beliefs.
  • I do not share his beliefs on how to re-work the healthcare system.
  • I do not share his Strategic views on the Middle East.
  • I do not share his plan to sit down with terrorists.
  • I do not share his view that all our problems have come from President Bush!
  • I am suspect with those he has run around with in the past, and even now in the present.
  • I am suspect of those he has placed into high office. He has put socialists and homosexuals into important positions!
 America is not the America that Barack holds to. He is a socialist radical who is out to destroy America. He wants to give this nation away. He wants to rewrite our past, and make this country something that it has never been!

   He has removed the work ethic. He wants to take away the incentive for making it on your own, whether you are successful or not! He is trying to make everyone think the same, and to think the same way. He is one of the most dangerous Presidents this country has ever had! He must be replaced in the next two years!

   The Christians of America must (1) pray, (2) fall on their knees, (3) repent, (4) vote, (5) be thankful to God for this great nation, (6) contribute to organizations that will help us make the changes, (7) get involved with whoever we need to be with, in order to restore this great nation to its past roots!

   There is power in believers pulling together to make changes. This November is our target date to start the restoration of this great nation!