Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The issue went all the way to the Italian Supreme Court: crosses will have to be removed in Italian schoolrooms. One complaint of course caused the stir! But this is the way it's going in Europe. This could spread to all the countries in Europe because almost all the countries have "religion" attached in a formal sense, in other words, the churches are national churches and most people are "baptized" into the state-churches.

   All of that is but formality. Only about 2% of the people would be Christian and almost no one in Europe goes to church on a given Sunday. And if they do, they get absolutely nothing spiritual. Christianity is dead there but "Christendom" reigns, and that means there is just some kind of formal expression that means little to the people.

   But the cross issue is a sign of the times. A huge spiritual vacuum is being created that will open the door for the anti-Christ! By the way, the people of Italy hate Christianity because to them Christianity is but dead, formal Catholicism, with immoral priests and dead ritualism. It fact, some months ago, the faculty of one of the universities stopped the Pope from coming to the campus because they despise him and what he stands for so much!

   What is happening is prophetically on schedule and right on time!
   -- Dr. Mal Couch (7/10)