Thursday, February 18, 2010


An old philosophy, eugenics, is raising its ugly head again. Eugenics (meaning good breeding) was advocated some generations ago in order to cleanse the population. Only those worthy were to be birthed. Those who were less in population breeding were to be aborted or not birthed at all. Now there is some talk in the government to reduce the population. It could come by eugenics, abortion, or by just letting us oldsters pass away with no medications to overcome diseases.

   This is no laughing matter, and it's serious. This could be put in place subtly without much notice, through abortion clinics or within nursing homes. It is part of the thinking of evolutionists who are increasing in number in America. This is the way things went in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia before World War II.

   Philosophies and attitudes in America are changing so rapidly we cannot keep up with the trends. No matter what Christians say, it seems the judgment upon us is building on the horizon! -- Dr. Mal Couch (Feb., 10)