Monday, February 8, 2010


The revisionists try to tell us that there were very friendly Indian tribes in North America, and that the mean white people brought upon them all of the troubles that they later experienced. While it is true that there were abusive white settlers, the argument is very unbalanced. The vast majority of the Indians were horribly immoral people. They were cruel to each other and to their own women and children.

   If you want to find out how filthy they really were I suggest you read a small book entitled Venereal Disease and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, by Dr. Thomas Lowry. He tells the story of that expedition across the Northern frontier and how the six or so tribes the explorers encountered lived such filthy and immoral lives. He documents in vivid account how such diseases destroyed whole tribes. Some of the tribes were so infected that the entire population of some villages committed suicide because of the pain of the venereal diseases! While it was true that the Anglo-Saxons fell into the sins of cohabiting with the Indian women, the side of sin fell down on the way the Indians existed.

   Lewis and Clark crossed paths with about six Indian tribes who were eaten up with venereal diseases. On all of the people of a given tribe, whole populations lived with horrible disfigurements on their faces and all over their bodies. In some cases, a pint of puss could be removed from one sore. The Indian men passed their wives around to all visitors. They enslaved both their women and children. They tortured people and murdered others without any remorse. This was common among all the tribes. The youngest women were shared with the older men. Sex and sin was nothing but a joke to everyone in the tribe.

   The elders of the tribes sold their women and children for the smallest of trinkets. Some historians who examined the history of the tribes believe that venereal diseases came with the Indians centuries earlier when they migrated to America from across Asia, and some experts do not believe that all such diseases were passed down from the Europeans—though this cannot be fully proven.

   The Indian women paraded about almost totally naked. They would grab any man and take him off to the bushes for sex. The children were exposed to such practices by their wayward parents. Again, to say the explorers were innocent would certainly be wrong, for Christianity was not lived out in the lives of most of the traveling men. We forget (or have not really known from the beginning) how pagan the Indians of North America really were. 

   When the missionaries finally began a more serious work with the various Northwestern tribes, they attempted to force the Indian children to destroy their totem poles, their pagan trinkets, and to live fully clothed. Recently, Indian revisionists have tried to say how cruel the missionaries were to force them to "give up their way of life" and their paganism. Many today have repudiated their Christianity and have gone back to worshipping the rocks, trees, the wind, and the Great Spirit! In my opinion, all that has happened to them over the years is a judgment from God. This does not give excuses for anyone who mistreated the Indian people but God used the coming of the white man as a judgment upon many of the tribal populations.

   This is why over and over again the Lord told the prophets to judge the nations surrounding Israel. Zephaniah tells the Jews that the Lord will judge: Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Canaan, the Philistines, Moab, Ammon, Sodom, Gomorrah. God said that He would destroy them "so that there would be no inhabitant among" His people (Zeph. 2:5). Nineveh would be destroyed and become a resting place for the animals, and the birds. God would destroy the pagan immoral nations that were having such a negative influence on His people.

   It is somewhat wrong to say that America is a "melting pot" of people. While to a degree this is true, the vast majority coming to these shores, at least up until the time of John F. Kennedy, were European in quota. Kennedy opened the doors to allow other nations and religions to flood into America without any restrictions. Now we are paying for this practice with many militant religions coming in which will destroy our Judeo-Christian heritage. We are paying the price! And, unfortunately, many of our young people are absorbing the ways of the pagan and backward peoples. – Dr. Mal Couch (Feb., 10)