Saturday, February 20, 2010


The Air Force Academy is building a chapel of sorts to support and provide worship space for their students who believe in Wicca, Shamanism, Druidism, and witchcraft in general. It will consist of a circle of stones similar to the Druid worship center in England known as Stonehenge. The Air Force recognizes a large number of neo-pagan students whose "spiritual" needs must be met. Similar thinking is already going on in Army centers such as at Ft. Hood in Texas.

   This is no longer "old" Christian America. There is a new breed in this country who will take the nation down the path to judgment. Many in the younger generation will not know the difference. We reported some weeks ago that the government is going to take over our public education curriculum. The government will expunge all textbooks of objective history that reflects the facts as to how our nation was formed. Anything Christian will be removed. Minorities will be pushed forward, and the great founders of the nation will be omitted. Socialism and feminism will be honored and democracy will be taken out of the textbooks.

   All of this is being pushed forward by our socialistic President, Barack Hussein Obama. Opposition to him is growing but will it be enough to remove him from office in the next three years? And the thing that is frightening is that, no matter what happens to him, will we be able to do anything about what he and his staff will have put in place? The President is diabolical in his thinking—he is in touch with the thinking of the new generation. This also includes the minorities, and even the illegals who have invaded our nation. He knows what they want.  – Dr. Mal Couch (Feb., 10)