Thursday, February 4, 2010


When thousands of illegals, witches and warlocks, pour into America bringing their evil religion along with them? Spiritual chaos will certainly increase.

A unique documentary about migrating butterflies to Mexico brought this to my attention. The documentary was on PBS, and it was a testimony to the blessings of God in creation.

The butterfly changes four times before it reaches its flying stage. It travels from Canada, two thousand miles, down to Mexico, always to the same place, a mountainous region that is 10,000 feet above sea level.

Billions travel along a fifty mile wide path, even stopping over where I live here in the Hill Country of Texas. In the area where the butterflies go, the Mexicans are very superstitious and claim that the little flying creatures have the spirits of their ancestors.

In many of the shopping malls, say in El Paso, there are objects of worship to purchase in honoring the butterflies. In these malls you can purchase all kinds of items for demon and Satan worship. These malls are becoming more numerous and growing in influence with the Mexicans living along our borders.

Back to the butterflies: Where the butterflies go, in the mountains of Mexico, there is no democracy. The people have no idea of what that means. The butterflies arrive about the time of Halloween and the Mexican population puts food out for the butterflies, thinking they are the souls of their dead relatives.

Scientists believe that one cell in the brains of the butterflies helps keep them on track to make the 2,000 mile journey from Canada to Mexico. No matter what path the butterflies start out on, they end up on the same "airway" trails that take them to the exact location in Mexico. The scientists who study the butterfly say that there is no creature like them in all of biology on the planet! They have to admit that the butterfly could not develop as they are simply by chance.

The butterflies have to travel at least fifty miles a day to make the journey. When they go back north to Canada, they stop in Texas to mate. And when they arrive, they die but the eggs survive to travel another year. Each female produces from 300-400 eggs before they die. To make their journey, the scientists believe, they must be traveling by magnetic forces or by celestial navigation. When they arrive in Mexico from the Canadian trip, they survive for five months. All of their activities and patterns remain the same with little or no change. The butterflies can mate on a tree limb or they can mate while in flight.

What a shame that such excellence of creation by our Lord is distorted by pagan beliefs of the Mexicans. They hold to a form of reincarnation like the Hindus. The butterflies could be their aunts, uncles, cousins, or parents! The longing of the Mexicans is to come to America, bringing their pagan beliefs along with them. This will continue to water down the Reformation and European heritage that helped establish this Christian nation.

Where, and when, will it all end?

-- Dr. Mal Couch (Feb., 10)