Friday, February 26, 2010

A GREAT VERSE (Colossians 2:8)!

This is a great verse for today that every believer needs to soak on. From the Greek text it reads:

   "You be seeing that no one shall himself be captivating you by means of the philosophy and empty deceitful [seduction], by means of the instruction [tradition] of men, by means of the fundamentals [alphabet – a, b, c(s)] of the culture [cosmos, world], and not be means of Christ!"

   The culture is eating us up! We are consumed by what the culture thinks and does.

   We should be looking, seeing, what the culture is doing to us. We have to be awake and not asleep! Present Tense: We should continually be observing what is going on around us and what we are fed by the culture. 

   "Philosophy" is two words put together: Philos=to love, befriend; sophos=wisdom. Or, "the love of [earthly, human] wisdom!" "Deceit" has to do with spiritual or philosophical deception that is "empty" and goes nowhere! 

   The "fundamentals of the culture" have to do with the base physical things of the world. The rudimental and fundamental things that have to do with nature, or art, or the physical world. This is what we see today. People who are captivated only by what they can see, touch, smell, do, etc. Or, entertainment, fun, or anything that panders to the flesh and the visual. Simple thinking for simple people, going nowhere, and having no deep purpose in life!

   The Word of God awakens us and should make us very aware of what life is all about.

   -- Dr. Mal Couch
(Feb., 10)