Sunday, January 30, 2011


By an act of Congress women are not supposed to be put in harms way on the front lines in battle conditions, but the military is skirting around this issue. They use different wording in order to play the Politically Correct (PC) game. They say that the girls are "attached" to combat groups in the Middle East and not "assigned." What a lie they foist on the American public!

It has been reported that 134 mothers and wives (or future mothers and wives) have died in the Middle East in our military over the past ten years. How many potential mothers and wives were permanently injured we will never know because the same is not reported. When the girls are maimed it is rarely reported. When they are captured and raped it is never reported. When the USS Cole, a combat destroyer, was attacked, dozens of sailors died, including many girls, though the number was not given. If they can report that 14% of girls are in the military why can they not report the number that is killed or injured?

Because they know that there would be a reaction from the public. By keeping silent, they can hide their true intent and practice.

A study committee, The Military Leadership Diversity Commission, made up of combat vets, recently voted to allow women to be in combat divisions and be placed in war danger. It is incredible that war vets would go this direction, having experienced the horror of combat themselves.

The argument for girls in combat is compared with the opening of the closed door of the sodomites in the military. However, the sodomite issue is a moral one, where the women in combat is a physical strength and kill-your-women issue. Two different issues! The recent article on the subject was submitted by the Associated Press, and written by a (you guessed it) woman reporter. One can guess on which side she would support in the article!

In the article the reporter used wording like "discrimination in the armed forces," or "to create a level plying field for all qualified service members." And women in combat is "an archaic issue," also the military is "ducking the issue."

What has changed that now will let girls be killed on the front lines? Have they gotten stronger and more capable of doing the tough job of killing in war? No. Biology has remained the same. Girls still have 50% less strength, 50% less stamina, and 50% less upper body strength. They are about 7 inches shorter and can carry about 50% less weight than the men. The only thing that has changed is PC (Political Correctness).

One thing the anti-biblical socialists know, is if they wait long enough they can push through what they want. The American public will back down from holding their standards. The government public schools do a great job in causing the public to change its mind. Wait long enough, work on the new generation coming up, and they can get what they wish! They know that Christians will cave in, they will take on the attitudes of the world in time! And that is exactly what has happened.

Finally, the article closed with this statement: "Keeping women out of combat posts prohibits women from serving in roughly 10 percent of Marine Corps and Army occupational specialties and thus is a barrier to advancement." Notice how position and advancement are the issues, not the killing of mothers and wives (or the potential same). By the way, do they mean that our military is weakened because we have 10% less troops in combat because of the women issue? What a stupid argument! Any rational argument would say that we will be 10% weakened because of putting these girls in front line and dangerous positions! But this is not how the world thinks.

The godly woman is to learn how to love their children and their husbands, be workers at home, kind, subject to their own husbands, so that "the Word of God may not be dishonored" (Titus 2:3-5). Women are to be given honor by their husbands since they are the WEAKER VESSELS (1 Pet. 3:7). They are to adorn themselves with the imperishable "quality of a gentile and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God" (v. 4). Can a girl in combat gear do this? No! As a front line soldier-ette, can a woman concentrate on these spiritual qualities? Of course not!

Christian parents of girls, try to keep them out of the military!
—Dr. Mal Couch (1/11)