Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Paul reminds us of what the apostasy will be like. That apostasy is now coming upon our generation, and it will only grow worse. He writes: "But realize this that in the last days difficult times will come" (2 Tim. 3:), "for men will be lovers of self … disobedient to parents" (v. 2). In the Greek text it better reads "They will not comply with parents," "They will reject, withhold belief in," "Will not be persuaded about parents."

   This is a growing problem even among Christian families, with the younger generation refusing to listen to what the parents say. While it can be happening among children and grandchildren who are younger, Paul starts this section out with saying "For men ("anthropos") will be lovers of self ..." So Paul is not just addressing the issue of teenagers but of those who are older, who are repudiating the wisdom and the words of their older parents. If he were writing about younger people, or teens, he would probably used the Greek word "teknon" (children). But he used the word describing grown men.

   By using "anthropos" some believe Paul could be referring to mankind in general not just men ("andros"). In other words this will be the state of humanity in general. It will be the ongoing tendency of culture as a whole! Society is changing rapidly and it will not turn about. This is the state of apostasy that is destroying our world. The judgment is coming—the seven year period of tribulation or wrath. The blessing is that the church will not go through that terrible period that we can now see on the horizon.

   The apostle Paul writes "God has not destined us to wrath but for obtaining salvation ('deliverance, rescue') through our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Thess. 5:9). The rapture will remove the child of God from this awful judgment that will fall upon the rebellious world! Remember, the tribulation is so bad that if it were not stopped no one would survive, Christ said (Matt. 24:22).    --Dr. Mal Couch (1/11)