Saturday, January 29, 2011


The new Miss America is a Christian. I do not doubt her testimony and her salvation. But she has totally caved in to the culture! She came out in the contest in a skimpy bikini outfit. And she said she wants to be a role model for young women by being a lawyer. She is part of this generation; one wonders how she can do that and keep her testimony.

She wants to go into politics but what about being a role model for young women be setting high standards as a wife and mom? She has been brainwashed by the society and does not even recognize it. She said in so many words that she went into the Miss America Pageant in order to raise money for college. Does she mean there was no other way to raise money except taking her cloths off and putting on a skimpy bikini? She represents the world, the modern generation, and not Christ. I'm sure this little article will be criticized but this is what is happening to the younger Christian generation. They have taken on the standards of the culture without even knowing it! -Dr. Mal Couch(1/11)