Monday, January 17, 2011


He must have gotten mixed up on biology by making male sex and female sex. He is the Creator of all life and He planned out the entire workings of the sexual pro-creation environment. He not only made biology to work the way it does but He embedded emotions and love in the two genders for each other. There is an attraction based on love between the two sexes that makes for a wonderful plan. But He must have made a terrible mistake and failed the human family in creating the marriage bond.

   The Lord just got confused. The Sodomites must plainly know more than He does! If the homosexuals are so right why must they remove out right to speak out against the issue? If we are wrong, then our views will fall apart in the realm of rationality. They should not be offended when we object because we apparently just don't know what we're talking about! They have to silence us for this is the only way they can promote their views—that is, complete silence from any opposition is their only safety!

   Genesis has to fly in the face of the homosexuals. The Trinity, "Us" was totally involved in the creation of humanity. "Man" in 1:26 should better be translated "Mankind" or humanity because the verse goes on and says that "He made man(kind) in Our image, according to Our likeness," and "LET THEM" that is (man and woman) as a gender different couple are have dominion. Biologically, they both have a sexual distinction to play—God knew what He was doing. The two are meant to be different, and, they join together in order to create the next pair, the children, that will come forth from their sexual union.

   Man and woman are created distinct and different, and they are created in His likeness and image (vv. 26-27). Most believe this is referring to Intellect, Sensibility, and Will. A homosexual couple end up in a dead end. They cannot duplicate themselves in creation. They cannot have the same deep emotional attraction because they come from the same sex! They stop with themselves and cannot leave a posterity on the earth.

   When God blessed "them" He was blessing the couple that were gender different, not gender-the-same! A homosexual union cannot be blessed. That is, God did not put His stamp of approval upon a same-sex creation! And it was by His marvelous thinking and planning that He made the sexes distinct, not the same! There is no blessing on same-sex unions.

   Christ the God/Man, the Son of God, placed His divine stamp of approval on the Genesis account. He said "Have you not read, that He who created them fro the beginning made them male(sex) and female(sex)" (Matt. 19:4). Biologically, they are different and distinct. Yet, together,they come together, in order to form a perfect union that will make the creation of the human species wholly unique, just the way He planned. Again, it is not just about biology, though it begins with biology. It is about the emotion of love also, the attraction of the different sexes that form a union that goes deep in attraction and relationship. 

    Because our President, Barack Hussein Obama, and our Government, have acquiesced to the demands of such sinners, a judgment will be hanging over the head of our nation. That judgment will soon break forth and bring upon our nation a terrible price that will have to be paid.

   Early humanity that fell into homosexuality were given over to "degrading passions" The women exchanged the natural function "for that which is unnatural." "Men abandoned (Gk. "dismissed") the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts ..." "Receiving the due penalty of their error." "They did not acknowledge God any longer." They had "a depraved mind and did the things which are not proper." Finally, "they are worthy of death." (Rom. 1:26-32)

   In the February 1987 issue of "The Gay Community News" it was vowed:

   "We will sodomize your sons. Women, go on and live with each other! All laws banning homosexual acts will be revoked. The family unit will be abolished. All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only gods will be handsome men. We shall rewrite history. We shall be victorious."

   By the way, expect approval of marijuana soon across the board in the U.S. They are pushing for it in California, and what happens there generally ends up coming into the nation as a whole. It will probably come about by the Federal Courts imposing approval on our country, never mind what the majority of the people want!

    America is changing. It is falling deep into the hole of depravity. Too, another report about TV says that in the last five years profanity on the tube has increased 70%. And there is no way to turn this around. We have no control of what is happening in our own nation. It is doomed! --Dr. Mal Couch (1/11)