Friday, March 6, 2009


Fargo, North Dakota only has three percent unemployment. And jobs are plentiful with no one without work. Why?

The citizens were interviewed and asked about this. Their answer: We have a strong work ethic, and, we believe in being thrifty and saving our money. We are extremely frugal, and if we don't have the money, we don't go into debt.

Well, what is behind that practice? The people of Fargo are mainly European in background, and have a strong Reformation, Lutheran and Calvinistic heritage. Hard work and a strong labor ethic comes from their European and Anglo-Saxon history.

When the city, and other towns around were flooded last spring, the people did not ask the government for help. The news media showed twelve year old kids filling sand bags to place along the river front. No one was sitting around waiting to be rescued! Every one pitched in and did not ever dare ask for a handout, nor did they want one!

Hhhhmmmm! I wonder if that has to do with how this nation was founded?

Are we throwing away and destroying our Reformation heritage that made this nation so strong in the beginning? Are we importing into our fabric groups who have no idea what personal responsibility and self-labor is all about? Are we bringing in other cultures that do not have this in their cultural bent? I believe so! – Dr. Mal Couch