Friday, March 13, 2009


  The future seven year tribulation is clearly described in Mark 13:24-33. It is also mentioned in Matthew 24. The foolish amills and covenant guys cannot read very well. "This generation" has to do, by context, with the generation that is caught up in that terrible tribulation. Christ said, "This generation will not pass away until all these things take place," that is, the completion of the seven year tribulation (Mark 13:30).

   Ignorant covenant guys, who have no hermeneutical skills, say this is the generation of Christ's day. They completely ignore and run over the context of the passage. The Lord is talking about that generation that undergoes and lives in that horrible period.

   One of the greatest Greek scholars of the last generation knew this as well. He had more hermeneutical skills and Greek understanding in his thumb than all the amill guys who have an agenda, who do not know the Bible very well, and who plot against the Lord's literal return. Kenneth Wuest said,

The context in which the word 'generation' is used here, speaks of the Great Tribulation period, the Antichrist, the second Advent, the regathering of Israel. Certainly, the generation of men alive when our Lord was on earth, had died, and could therefore not remain until this future time. The context must rule here, as to the particular meaning of the word in this instance.

Wuest went on: "There is no question as to the extinction of the Jewish nation here. The Bible shows clearly that the Jewish nation is indestructible. All of God's purposes in salvation are channeled through that nation. The Jewish nation will remain on earth as a nation through the time of the fulfillment of these events."

   How idiotic are the covenant guys who deny the second coming of Christ to reign and rule on the Davidic throne actually, and literally! They replace Israel with the church and do their dirty deed upon those who will listen to them! Christ has two tremendous roles to fulfill. One has already taken place. (1) His coming to be the Savior of the world, and (2) His future coming to reign over the Davidic Kingdom in Zion (Jerusalem) over all humanity. That 1,000 year reign is literal and is yet to take place. I believe we are getting extremely close to that happening. The covenant guys deny His second position—He is the earthly King who will set on the throne of His father David!

   Although generally amillennial in his thinking, Ellicott got Matthew 24:34 straight about "this generation." He realized it was not speaking about the generation that was standing before Christ at that time. Ellicott says:

'This generation' means the nation of Israel. A living generation was meant, seeing that the prophecy is by the next verse carried on to the end of all things: and that, as matter of fact, the Apostles and ancient Christians did continue to expect the Lord's coming, after that generation had past away. (p. 245)
   Walvoord shows how empty the covenant guys are in their thinking when they deny His coming earthly reign. He wrote in his Revelation commentary:

    How poverty-stricken is any Christian theology which minimizes the second coming of Christ and how limited the Christian hope which does not include this glorious climax to God's announced program of exalting His Son and putting all creation under His control. (p. 274)

   The satanic irony is, that as we come closer to the prophesied events, there is more blindness as to what the Scriptures actually teach about the end times. There is a satanic ploy closing down the hearts and minds, as to the truth, of those who should know better! – Mal Couch