Wednesday, March 11, 2009


  I have almost felt embarrassed in my views about how unequal various cultures really are. America was founded on the Reformation/European model. No other cultures have this as the blessed background, therefore, the people who come from these viewpoints can never have the same understand about freedom, society, and what it means to be self-governed.

   What I've said sounds prejudicial but it is not really. Before law, everyone is equal, and before the Lord, all people stand the same, as sinners needing salvation. But cultures that are not European, and Reformation, are not equal. People from a Latin culture, or a culture from another continent cannot identify with the Anglo-Saxon, European view. Our founding fathers were from Europe. They were Calvinistic and had a strong view of Scripture. This does not mean that all of them who arrived on these shores were Christians. Nor does it mean that today all European stock in America "has it all together." In fact, one of the great crimes is that those with this blessed orientation and background have discarded this heritage, and have forgotten "from whence they came."

   As this nation increases its population with other cultures, with other cultures coming in, the Reformation heritage is being swallowed up and buried! We have left our roots! We are a people that has discarded and forgotten its beginnings.

   Now the shocker!

   I discovered that Francis Schaeffer said the same thing I am saying back in 1960s in his book How Shall We Then Live?. You won't believe what he wrote. He said:

   There are only two alternatives to the natural flow of things. First, imposed order, or second, our society once again affirming that base which gave freedom without chaos in the first place—God's revelation in the Bible and His revelation in Christ. Countries that have never had a Christian Reformation base, will be the first to bow to authoritarianism [or socialism]. Already a growing number in Asia and Africa have gone this way—they have gone into chaos and remained there. Men in the Western governments, who were themselves often modern men, did not understand that freedom without chaos is not a magic formula which can be implanted anywhere. Rather, being modern men, it was their view that because the human race had evolved to a certain level by some such year as 1950 (for example), democracy could be planted anywhere from outside.

   They had carefully closed their eyes to the fact that freedom without chaos had come forth from a Christian base. They did not understand that freedom without chaos could not be separated from its roots.

   And when these outward forms are imposed on a world-view that would have never produced freedom without chaos in the first place, people will not stand when the pressures increase. Christianity in the West is based on beliefs in an everlasting, absolute God, the Japanese did not perceive the presence of such a permanent being.

   Latin American cultures are the same. They are based on the authoritative views of the Catholic system. Enough people from that orientation will have no ability to understand the Reformation mind-set.

   As the memory of the Christian base grows ever dimmer, freedom will disintegrate in other countries as well. Their system will not simply go on, divorced from its founding roots. And the drift will tend to be the same, no matter what political party is voted in. When the principles are gone, there remains only expediency at any price.

   When British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the Munich Peace Pact with Hitler in September 30, 1938, and sold the Czechoslovakian people down the drain, and called for "peace in our time," Winston Churchill gave an address in the House of Commons in which he said:

   "The people should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war … they should know that we have passed on an awful milestone in our history … and that the terrible words have for the time being been pronounced against the Western democracies. We have been weighed and found wanting. This is only the beginning of the reckoning. This is only the first sip whereby we have departed from our roots."

   As our nation is watered down without foreign cultures and societies, we will be destroyed from within. And this is what is happening right now in America. We cannot stop it. The judgment is about to come. There is no turning back. – Dr. Mal Couch