Saturday, March 7, 2009


  In my opinion, we are now into the apostasy spoken of in Scripture. And, we're seeing the death of the Western nations. This will bring about the "strong man" who will rescue the West and set up the powerful one-world government to bring military and economic stability to the world. Below is a list of issues that just point to the fact of how deep we are into the fall of Western civilization, all in preparation for the coming prophesied Tribulation period.

   Mexico and Pakistan are the two greatest hotspots on the globe. And America is deeply involved in both of these countries' problems. They figure in the nightmare of U.S. military planners trying to salvage what is going to happen in this country, because of the growing strength of the Taliban and even the drug lords of Mexico. Off duty servicemen are now told not to visit Mexico.

   The BBC reports that the U.S. economy and our military will continue to decline in influence over the next decade. But China and Russia will become stronger, challenging the West at every turn.

   Various countries that are growing weaker economically will negatively influence Britain over the coming years. Because of her trade with these nations, the U.K. will have less and less influence and her security will be threatened.

   Anti-Semitic riots are happening more and more frequently in Europe, driving many Jewish families to Israel. This is the Lord's way of bringing the Jews back home as prophesied in Scripture. One demonstration in London attracted 12,000 protesters. 25% of Germans, 20% of Frenchmen, and 46% of those living in Spain have unfavorable views of the Jewish people.

   Because of the influence of Arabs in Europe, there are more and more violent riots taking place in the streets of large cities. One out of every ten citizens of France is a Muslim.

   More and more the people of England are becoming hostile to Christianity. Christianity is virtually dead in Britain. And what happens in England, and in Europe, ultimately takes place in America. So expect over the next decade for Christianity to rapidly decline here. One Catholic Cardinal in England said: "Britain shows signs of degenerating into a country free of morals, because of its rejection of traditional values. The rise of secularism has led to a liberal society, hostile to Christian morals and values, in which religious belief is viewed as 'a private eccentricity' and the voice of faith in God is marginalized." (As reported in "The Good News," April 2009)