Monday, March 16, 2009

What is going on? What is their Agenda?

"The radicals running this nation really want the consumption of the U.S. to decline to the level of the rest of the world and they want our influence in the world to be proportionate to our population. They really want elitist controlled world government running the show.

"The U.S. is only about 25 percent Liberals and probably only about 10 percent would support the radical socialism and fascism that these people intend to bring in. Most that support this philosophy are elite American hating bigots, environmental wackos, criminals, and people living off of free handouts from the government.

"Yet, thanks to the elitist run media and an education system run by godless socialists and humanists they have succeeded in getting a radical leftist government into power. Do not underestimate them and think they can be easily removed. Hilter, Stalin, Mao and others like them took over their nations with initial support from a small percent of the population. Once they get their informers and secret police in place it is too late because if you do not go along with the agenda you will be dealt with." -- This is an excerpt from Don Koenig's article Marxism and Fascism is Coming to America