Tuesday, March 18, 2008

America Must Pray - Woodrow Wilson

Wilson was raised in a Godly Presbyterian home, as was many of our nations Presidents of years past. He had been President of Princeton University before become the leader of the United States.

Wilson believed in the absolute sovereignty of God. He believed God had chosen him to lead this country. After winning the election he told his campaign chairman: "Whether you did little or much, remember God ordained that I should be the next President of the United States. Neither you nor any mortal or mortals could have prevented it." When he realized that his inauguration was to fall on a Sunday, he broke precedent and agreed to be sworn in on "the Lord’s Day." It seemed like a perfect omen to him!

Wilson grew up in a household that honored God. There were the evening and morning prayers, and the prayers at every meal. Wilson was faithful to Sunday school, two Sunday services, and group Bible study, readings, and singing of hymns. Prayer to him and his family was the linchpin of human existence. When he took office he said:

I do not feel exuberant or cheerful. I feel exceedingly solemn. I have no inclination to jump up and crack my heels together. A weight of seriousness and responsibility seems to be pressing down upon me. I feel more like kneeling down and praying for strength to do what is expected of me.

He also once said: "God is the source of strength to every man and only by prayer can he keep himself close to the Father. I believe in Divine Providence. If I did not I would go crazy."

After World War I, Wilson tried to get adopted his Fourteen Points that would be the basis of the League of Nations. America was not interested though Europe listened. However the President of France critically said of Wilson: "He thinks he is another Jesus Christ come upon the earth to reform men."

The U. S. Senate failed to ratify his Fourteen Points and shortly after, Wilson had a serious stroke that virtually ended his presidency. He died in 1924. Wilson believed that America was "the chosen elect of God," and he was their leader, standing firm as a beacon for freedom and Christian principles the world over.