Thursday, March 20, 2008

Poor Scholarly Interpretation

I have always appreciated the grammatical and historical scholarship of THE NEW INTERNATIONAL COMMENTARY ON THE OLD TESTAMENT (Eerdmans). But the volume on the book of Numbers written by Timothy R. Ashley is a perfect example of sorry and silly interpretation by those of the amillennial camp. On Numbers 31, which is about a victory over the Medianites, there is an application for us today, according to Ashley. But what he writes is somewhat juvenile. What he says about a church application for today is not even worthy of the attention of a first grader! Ashley writes:

What use does such a passage as this have in the modern world? Only the briefest of notes must suffice here. It is clear that this law (the Mosaic) was given for the kingdom of God in national form (Israel), that this kingdom was intended to be a theocracy, and that this theocracy was in the ancient Near East. First, for Christians, the kingdom of God is no longer a national entity, else the NT is a meaningless document. Rather, the kingdom now extends over all national boundaries to embrace all who accept the Lordship of Christ. Second, the kingdom as such is still a theocracy, but the successor to Israel is the church, not a national entity (Gal. 6:16; 1 Pet. 2:9-10). No nation has the automatic right to assume these rules of war for itself as if it was the successor to Israel’s mission. Third, the modern world, which has enough forces to annihilate the planet many times over, is very different from the ancient Near East, with its limited possibilities for human destruction. (p. 500) (Bold Mine)

This paragraph is so skewed with false assumptions and leaps of poor logic that it is not worthy to be answered. It shows what the amil and allegorical guys do not know about sound and solid interpretation. This is Kingdom Now and Replacement Theology at its worst! A mind that reads this that does not possess correct discernment abilities will walk away terribly confused and left in spiritual darkness. Be careful what you read and what you agree to! --Dr. Mal Couch