Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Big Bible Teacher" Wrong

A well-known big Bible teacher, who heads up a school in California, takes Dr. Lewis S. Chafer to task because he quotes the apostle Paul from 1 Corinthians 2:14-3:3 when he writes that there are three types of people in the world. Chafer simply quotes Paul when he says the lost person is characterized as a "natural man" (psuchikos, soulish) (2:14). And there are two types of Christians, those who listen to and follow the Spirit (pneumatikos, spiritual) (v. 15; 3:1), and the carnal (sarchikos, fleshly) (v. 3).

This big Bible teacher says Chafer is wrong but does not explain how. If Chafer is wrong he would then also have to say that Paul is wrong because Chafer, in his book He That Is Spiritual, is only quoting Paul. The carnal Christian is operating by what he can touch, see, hear, say, and do. He does not make decisions by the leading of the Holy Spirit but only by what he senses in the natural realm.

Now why would this big Bible teacher deny what is so obvious in Paul's writings? I believe because, though he claims to be a dispensationalist, he is really taking his views from a Reformed perspective. He believes that a Christian who is persevering nearly walks on water! He wants to argue that a true believer automatically makes Christ Lord in his life and, oh yes, he may sin a little here and a little there, yet his life is just full of near perfection!

This view denies all that Paul and Peter write in their letters. The early church was very carnal and full of all kinds of problems. It makes me think this big Bible teacher has not really his New Testament! It makes me think also that he is not honest with his own sins. He does not see his imperfections and his own crazies that go against what the Word of God teaches.

Stick to the Bible and return to the writings for help from some of the great giants of the past, such as Dr. Lewis S. Chafer. Don't listen to radical voices!

Dr. Mal Couch