Friday, September 10, 2010


Someone put me on a subscription for a newsletter published by a very ignorant writer out of a local town in Texas. What the author writes is heresy. So watch out for stuff that may come in the mail that is just plain error.

While the author is correct to flag the abuses of many charismatic leaders, he has some beliefs that we cannot buy into. He says there are six steps on "What You Must Do To Be Saved." (1) Admit you are a sinner, (2) Repent, (3) Believe in Christ, (4) Seek sanctification (5) Obey to be baptized, and (6) Spend time in prayer and reading the King James Bible.

He also adds, "Seek God for pure heart, It is the only way to heaven!" He also writes: "The true Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is Holiness"!

As with most ignorant Bible teachers, he denies eternal security.

In denying the Pre-Tribulational Rapture, he misquotes the Bible all over the place! He denies Paul's doctrine of the imminence of the coming of Christ. He fails to quote 1 Thess. 1:10 where the apostle wrote that the Thessalonians were waiting for God's Son from heaven and He "raised Him from the dead, that is Jesus, who delivers US from the wrath to come." Notice that Paul included himself who was right then waiting for His coming. Paul did not know God's timetable for the rapture so we are all still waiting. But the way Paul says this he clearly felt the coming of Christ was imminent.

This author adds that we could be deceived (2 Thess. 2:3) by thinking that "the rapture is imminent." He takes "the day of the Lord" in verse 2 as the rapture rather than the Tribulation. A small child would see the connection of the deception and the Thessalonians thinking that the rapture was about to come.

This author then references Matthew 24:30 and "the coming in the clouds of the Son of man" as the proof that Christ's coming is not a "secret" rapture. I don't know who started the idea of "a secret rapture." The Bible says nothing about that. The Matthew 24 passage is not about the rapture but about Christ's second coming to reign and rule on earth in His millennial kingdom. This author has a bunch of passages all mixed up and thrown into one pot. The author does not notice that the Son of Man is a messianic passage and is not about Christ coming for the church. It is a reference of Israel's Messiah, i.e., the second coming.

I almost wrote to this guy to cancel my subscription but I get too many laughs reading his heresy. So I want to get his little paper so that I can warn you and others as to how bad it's getting out there with error! –Dr. Mal Couch (9/10)