Friday, April 2, 2010


At the Clifton Bible Church here in Texas, I put together blank letters and envelops made out to our two members in the U.S. Senate. The congregation takes these blank letters, made out with the address to the senators, and then they fill in the message they want to communicate. All they have to do is put a stamp on the already addressed envelop and fire off their message.

   This is a way of speeding up what we all need to say to those representing us in Washington. The church provides the blank letter for the congregation so that they can write out their message, put their name on it with the date, and send it out.

   Here is a great reminder that should be stated from all evangelical pulpits this coming Sunday: "We cannot be appalled in our pews and then passive at the polls." – Meeke Addison

   Most evangelical Christians are seeing things the same way, because we are in-tune with truth, and especially spiritual and biblical truth! Generations ago, when it came time to vote, all pastors in America gave what was called their "voting sermon." Pastors were not intimated by the government to forgo telling the people what was right—and how they should vote, because truth was transparent and universal to most Christians. Thank the Lord, today most believers see what is going on in Washington and are in unison as to what we should all do. Pray for America because we are at a crossroads. We will be delivered or judged this coming year! –Dr. Mal Couch (Apr., 10)