Saturday, April 24, 2010


The diplomas of Trinity University in San Antonio has always had the phrase "The Year of Our Lord" on it. But now the Muslim students who are graduating are in protest that this phrase is insulting to them and must be removed.

   Well, you guessed right! The school, a part of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination, will probably removed the statement. The "other" students originally said "no" but now the decision is turning the other way. Many of the alumni had protested the proposal, but momentum toward the change appears to be certain.

   Do not blame the Muslims. Their agenda is to take over America and drive Christianity out, and, we're letting them do so. Trinity is a liberal school and to allow the change could be expected. Christianity long ago has departed from the campus, and it has in so many other institutions. Conviction is gone, and as promised by our President, "change" is what the new America is all about.

   We are in a free fall of destruction in America. And this is clearly a judgment from on High! We are getting what we deserve. Why should God have mercy on us and turn things around? There is no repentance or confession of our sins. Woe to the next generation. It will be minority controlled, Muslim influenced, and socialistic in policy. The great American "experiment" has perished. It did not last, as predicted by some of the founding fathers! –
Dr. Mal Couch

(Apr., 10)