Thursday, April 29, 2010


C. Rushton has an outstanding article in the May edition of "The Prophetic Observer." The present administration is turning rapidly against the nation of Israel. It reminds me of Jeremiah 30:17 where the enemies of Israel speak of her as an outcast and they cry: "It is Zion, no one cares for her." A judgment is just over the horizon and America will pay when she officially turns against God's earthly people.

  •    When Barack Hussein Obama became President the first thing he did was to call the head of a terrorist organization, the PLO's Mahmoud Abbas.
  •    Then he did what was called "A reach out to Muslims, Apologist for America Tour."
  •    He made pro-Islamic speeches to Muslims in Egypt and Turkey but showed no interest in Israel.
  •    He is now allowing U.S. to sell weapons to Syria. Vice President Joe Biden attacked Israeli prime minister Netanyahu for the announcement of construction of 1,600 new apartments in a West Jerusalem neighborhood, which land is owned by the Lord and given to Israel as a "forever" inheritance.
  •    When Netanyahu visited Barack Hussein Obama in the White House, the President got up and left their meeting in order to go have dinner with his wife and children. Netanyahu was left just sitting!
  •    Blocked a sale of bunker buster bombs from being sold to Israel.
  •    Rejected Israel's request for the purchase of advanced military weapons, which this country has never done before!
  •    But at the same time, sold advanced weapons to Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.
  •    Refused to allow Israeli nuclear scientists to come to the U.S. and take advanced courses in physics and chemistry.
  •    Meanwhile, Israel has supplied America with secret intelligence that has saved the lives of American troops serving in the Middle East region.

   This is all going against what is written in Zechariah 2:8: "For thus says the Lord of hosts; after the glory, He sent me unto the nations which spoiled you (Israel): for he that touches you touches the apple of His eye." God has a great promise for all nations and peoples in Psalm 122:6: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you (Israel)."

   I am convinced that it is all over! We are just putting out fires and things will never be turned back! –Dr. Mal Couch (Apr., 10)