Monday, April 12, 2010


I knew this but it was just brought to my attention again lately. Most Southern Baptist Churches argue that each church is autonomous and not controlled by the convention. They accept Rick Warren as one of their pastors but they have no objection with what he holds to or teaches.

   A local SB pastor recently said "Each church is independent." But then went on and said, "However, we do not accept alien baptism as a denomination." But wait a minute! I thought they were all independent churches? Something seems wrong here!

   They obviously do not tell the truth on this subject! How insulting also to call the baptism from another group "an alien baptism." How wrong they are to label baptism this way! Who do they think they are?

   They are far more concerned about procedures over doctrinal truth! Here in the Waco area, all SBs give praises to Baylor University but they fail to deal with the issue of the gross liberalism at that school! They all want their kids to attend Baylor, but never mind, they do not address all the evil liberal teaching, such as evolution, they will hear there. It is this kind of blindness that is killing our Protestant belief among evangelical Christians!