Thursday, September 24, 2009


I never thought I would argue for such, but I have changed my mind, at least temporarily! We have no political voice—those of us who are believers in Christ, and who are conservative. The Muslims have dozens of organizations, associations, foundations, by which they influence media, government, etc. But Evangelicals seem to be silent and have no concerted voice that speaks for us in the market place!

   We need (1) lawyers, (2) researchers, (3) theologians, (4) pastors, (5) businessmen, etc. But more importantly, we need a group of just plain concerned and spiritual Christians who will take time to work, to promote, organize, in order to let the world know that we are standing on the Word of God, and applying it to the affairs of our nation!

   The Muslims, liberals, and radicals, have such organizations, but we are silent. Who will grab the ball and punt in order to get such an organization started? – Dr. Mal Couch