Sunday, September 13, 2009


The House in Congress just passed a twenty million dollar bill to aid so-called Palestinian refugees. More than likely this means bringing them to the U.S. where we will support them. They will vote Democratic and stand behind Barack Hussein Obama. This will weaken our support for Israel. Remember, there is no such thing as Palestinian refugees. There never was a Palestinian nation, and the Jews did not drive them out of the land. They left on their own accord so that the Arab forces of the 1948 war could drive the Jews into the sea and restore the Palestinians to a land that never was theirs!

   But the Jews were victorious and the Arabs have no intention of living peacefully with the Jews. They want all of the land that does not belong to them. God gave the title-deed to the land to the Jews from Abraham to Isaac to Jacob, and the twelve tribes. While most of the Jews are now in the land in unbelief, God is going to change that! The Jews have started believing in Christ and this will speed up!

   This is a sad day but one we've been expecting. Most Americans just don't get it! – Dr. Mal Couch

(September 2009)