Sunday, September 20, 2009


Brian McLaren has joined with the Muslims in celebrating Ramadan. He is fasting with the Islamic rite "to promote the common good together with people of other faith traditions." However, he is not asking for the salvation of the Muslims! We should not be surprised at this. The apostasy is here, just as I said it would be!

   Also, we are now into the full blown feminization of the church, just as I also predicted! As reported by Barna, the liberal churches have almost doubled their senior women pastors in their pulpits. Too, they are going into the churches with more education than the men. 63% of the pastors have seminary degrees while 77% of the women pastorettes do.

   I predict that within five years we will have more women in the pulpits than men. I know for a fact, that on the whole, even the liberal churches, who are supposed to be more open than conservative churches, are not happy with the pastorettes. Some of them only stay for six months or less. This is not surprising. This will bring on more cultism and less doctrine being taught. And more and more people will be leaving the liberal churches. By the way, what happens in the liberal churches will spill over to conservative churches. – Dr. Mal Couch

(September 2009)