Friday, September 11, 2009


A 1934 cartoon in the newspapers at that time show the government spending, spending, and spending. A small caption at the bottom notes: “This is what communist Russia did also.”

Many people know that in a democracy the people have the right, and the privilege, to struggle to the top. When the government gives everything away, the people will in time be enslaved. I wonder why more don’t know this very simple fact.

This is my great concern with all of the illegal foreigners who sneak into this country. In their breaking our laws, they do not understand democracy, and, they come to this nation for the freeby give-aways! Because they are slowly becoming a majority, there is no way to turn back this destruction. It is a judgment of God, and it has spiritual components. Everything that takes place has a spiritual aspect to it, but unfortunately, many Christians don’t see it that way.

– Dr. Mal Couch
(September 2009)