Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Tea Party

The Tax Tea Party! Watching the news Wednesday April 15, the question was, "Where were the Minorities?" As the television cameras focused on the crowds, 99% of those who were in attendance were Anglo-Saxon and European. These people were orderly, articulate, and concerned for where this nation is going.

Those at the Boston Tea Party were of the Reformation heritage that believed in democracy. They felt that England was abusing them and removing their rights for representative government.

This is not to say that the thousands who were shown in the crowds were all born again Christians—they were not! Before God and before law, all are equal in America. But it was the Reformation heritage that made America! It is because of this that the social makeup of America is so shifting that this will never be the same nation again. This is our own fault. We've allowed the open the doors to an unbalanced acceptance of people who do not hold the same values. For generations, this was not the practice in the U.S. One argument goes: But we should have a wide open door for immigration because in the past this has been an immigrant country. However things have changed. "That was THEN, and this is NOW!"

By the way, the liberal media was also delinquent in reporting on the Tea Party. The cable news medias were the most faithful in showing the hundreds of thousands who came out to make their voices heard. The DriveBy media, that is terribly liberal, did not even know how to fully report on the event. And many of the networks that did, believe that those who attended the Tea Party rallies were just right wing nuts! Our new President just does not get it! It was reported that he said he did not know what the rallies were all about! –Dr. Mal Couch