Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Letter from a Listener

Dr. Couch,

I spoke with you over the phone a few days ago regarding the genealogies of Matthew's gospel and Luke's. I just wanted to convey to you my deepest gratitude of thanks.  You can't imagine how much you have helped me not only on understanding that particular passage and issue but many others as you have always been so kind, patient and gracious to speak with me on the phone. I know your schedule is very busy and your time is short, but you have always been so kind to share some of your time with me.

Your ministry is a blessing to literally thousands and thousands of men and women. I continue to receive and give to the Gathering Storm and love every CD! God is using you and your ministry to sound the warning to the church of the apostasy we are now in.  I continue to pray for you Dr. Couch as you follow God's direction for your ministry and family.

Serving Our Savior,