Wednesday, June 24, 2009


President Barack Hussein Obama is pushing for a national standard for all public school curriculums across the United States . This will destroy the initiative of state and local involvement in the publishing of school textbooks, and dictate what all teachers will be teaching throughout the nation. What schools taught was once dictated only by the local school systems; then it became the responsibility of the states. But with this new plan, there will be a universal curriculum that will determine the content of what is taught in science, literature, social sciences, etc. for every school in the nation!

This will be tantamount to federal brainwashing of all youngsters in America . Those advocating the new plan have already made it clear that this will get rid of the writings of those “old white dead authors” and replace their works with minority radical literature and works by radical women authors. Our children will be brainwashed in the government schools with a national curriculum on evolution, social sociology (acceptance of homosexuals, abortion rights) etc. Parents and teachers will have no say in what is being taught. Children must pass tests that support and advocate the new subjects. Obama promised us “change” and that is what we’re getting. This will be the final death knell of any possible influence of Christian morality, conservatism. Your child will come out the other end of the school system holding to things that are contrary to what you may attempt to teach them at home, or at church.

The storm clouds are forming over this nation. We are moving deeper into the prophesied apostasy. The judgment from God will be certain on America.

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