Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Letter of Thanks

Dear Dr. Couch,
I received the 3 books you sent me about 2 weeks ago. Just last night I finished reading through, "For the Cause of Zion".

This book sums up what is going on in the Middle East and Israel in particular and you have confirmed all my observations that we are indeed coming in the last days. I had the conviction the Rapture may just be in our time because of all the events you mentioned. I am really thankful for you.

 At the moment I'm reading through your book "The Biblical Theology of the Church". I knew there was something wrong with the nomination of leaders/elders in our church and my convictions all along were right when I read your book about this matter. I was recently elected as one of the elders (a week ago). As far as the biblical qualification is concerned I'm qualified. It just dawns on me that the way the church is electing elders is just really not biblical. In the first six months that I've been in this church I have had the impression actually that they are in apostasy. I only stayed in this church because they are carefully listening to my Bible studies and Sunday schools.

 By the coming July of this year we will go through the book of Revelation in our Bible studies, I was the first to raised my hand for this choice, I felt it's a timely study. I saw your commentary on this book in our local Bible bookstore but it's quite a fortune compared with the price in the US. I think in Australia we don't have the comfort of buying good books like yours at an affordable price. I can see too many rubbish books in our local Bible bookstore here.

 I wish to thank you very much again for the 3 books you sent me, I know it will help me a lot particularly regarding ecclesiology.

Actually your website is helping me a lot especially your "Ask Dr. Couch" portion, it's short but precise and straight to the point.

May our Lord continue to bless your ministry in the middle of the apostate world and churches may your light shine and be a blessing.
Yours in the Lord service,
A. B. (Australia)